If you’re desperately wishing to go to the gym but couldn’t find free time due to your hectic schedule, you would be delighted to know that some of those seemingly plain activities you do daily can give you quite a workout, too.

Performing everyday activities also contributes to the calorie burn you need to stay fit and lean. Here are some of the activities that are proven to increase your heart rate, break a sweat, and ultimately help you in achieving a higher level of fitness effortlessly.


We all know that walking is a manageable form of cardio exercise. It is a severely underrated form of working out that we sometimes ignore its benefits and opt for easier ways to get around.

We all need to walk anyway, so why not make the most out of this healthful activity by adding more distance and time into it. Walk at a good pace for at least 20 minutes and count this as part of your exercise routine.

If you want to burn those excess fats by walking, it’s recommended to accumulate at least 10,000 steps per day. Regular walking of at least 10,000 steps helps you burn a pound of fat per week. You may even multitask by walking the dog or going to the grocery or mall to accomplish your shopping list. Can’t go outdoor? You can use a treadmill for your walking exercise.

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Taking the Stairs

One of the healthiest hacks that you should incorporate to your daily routine is taking the stairs. Ignore the convenience of elevators and push yourself to take the stairs instead for additional calorie burn and muscle conditioning.

According to studies, a few flights of stairs per day can help you burn up to 50 calories. This may seem exhausted at first, but once you make it a habit to take the stairs, taking a few flights of stairs up your office or home won’t be as exhausting over time.

Home Gardening

If you want a more relaxing form of workout outside the gym, try gardening. Not only are those plants and veggies aesthetically pleasing and nutritious, but the activities involved in gardening such as digging up the soil and pulling out weeds can be quite the workout, too.

If you have a vast backyard, expect to burn between 200 and 400 calories simply by personally tending to your cherished plants.

Doing Laundry

The beauty of doing laundry is that apart from washing your clothes, you are contributing to your fitness, too. All laundry-related activities including walking, hauling, and hanging your clean clothes consist of movements that make you break a sweat.

Unknowingly, in the process, you already are burning some calories. So, look at your huge pile of laundry as an opportunity to get those muscles and heart rate fired up.

We hope that by enumerating these activities, you’ll find it in your schedule to get yourself some much-needed workout despite having a busy day at work, school, or at home. Make sure to be careful doing these activities, although mundane, may potentially result in injury when done improperly or in haste.

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