4 Pilates Moves That Give You the Best Results

Pilates and yoga studios are very popular in Australia with literally millions of people visiting these places every day to get much needed workouts. Not really surprising – Pilates is a butt-busting discipline that targets the body as a whole.

Here are just some awesome examples of Pilates moves.

Swimming on the Mat

A good full body workout is the swimming move. It starts with you lying face down on the floor with your arms stretched forward. Now extend it upwards and follow it with your feet.

It’s like you’re making a wide “U” with your body. Now move your arms and legs back and forth as if you’re swimming. Note – there’s no need to raise the legs and arms really high. What you want here is the precision of movement and the muscle stretch.

You’re not going to win any prizes by swimming hard. Opt for good posture and keep the core tight while focusing only on one point in the room to protect your neck.

Slow Mo Mountain Climber

You’ve probably heard of the mountain climber and the common misconception is, the faster you go – the better the results would be. That’s not always the case and a slow-motion mountain climber would prove that.

Just start with a high plank and bring your knees up one at a time, focusing them close to your chest and then bringing them out again. Where do you feel the burn?

There should be heat around the calves, the butt, the arms, and core – all important parts that could do some toning. This move doesn’t just target specific muscles but whole muscle groups! The slow motion helps keep your focus on the posture, which is crucial if you really want results.


Okay – so planking is a fairly popular workout move that isn’t absolutely associated with Pilates. In fact, you might find this move in many workout disciplines.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work though. For best results, squeeze in around 60 seconds of planking every day for a stronger core. Anything longer than that will only cause more harm than good.

Flat Abs Roll Up

This one’s a little difficult and requires practice. As the name suggests, it targets the core but also helps with the legs and arms.

Start by sitting on the mat with your legs extended forward. Now bend at the waist with arms extended, trying to get as near to your feet as possible. There’s no need to actually grab your toes! Just bend as much as you can.

Next step – slowly curly backwards until you form a 45-degree angle of your butt to the floor. At this point, your knees would also be bent at 45 degrees. Here’s the hard part – do NOT lower yourself flat on the mat.

Instead, use your core to propel yourself forward until your chest almost reaches your knees. Remember – arms are still extended forward. Now curl backward until you’re in a lying position again. Breathe and repeat.

Final Thoughts

Pilates is a workout style that will leave your body shaking in sweat ad exhaustion, but that’s the reason why it works! Don’t give up on it too easily and instead, slowly work your way to a long and lean body.