We all know just how useful the right playlist could be to an intense cardio-busting workout. The question is – do you have the right app to give you that added boost to your routine? Here are some of the best music apps today specially designed to get you moving.


This is a workout music app built for runners – but who’s saying you can’t use it when doing all other types of cardio exercises? The primary selling point of this app is that it can sync the music to the beat of your heart rate or your steps – whichever is more convenient.

You can also customize the beats per minute that you want and it will automatically play the song that matches your preferred speed. It definitely helps put you into the groove and make the effort seem easier.


This list wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite music app. Spotify is actually a very versatile app where you can find a bunch of playlists – including ones specially designed for workouts. If you’re in the mood, you can also create your own exercise playlist and share it with other people.

You’ll have to deal with ad interruptions when using the free version so that might kick you out of the groove. Subscription-wise, it doesn’t require much and the free trial version should give you some idea if you want to sign up for the service.


This app has a unique take on workout music. Instead of straightforward songs, it comes with “Running Stories” which is a combination of music and audiobooks – allowing you to literally listen to a story while in the midst of a workout.

Each story is exactly 30 minutes long and comes in different genres – allowing you to pick a favorite. It can also be used as a community platform because the app lets you join groups, create training patterns, and analyze your workout routines.

GYM Radio

As the name implies, this app works much like a radio station which lets you choose a “channel” depending on the kind of workout you’re doing. There are three categories: Cardio, Hardcore, and Gym. Each category comes with multiple channels and corresponds to different workouts you might want to do.

For example, there’s one for CrossFit, for Running, for Yoga, Pre-Workout, and even a channel for your rest day. The free version is severely limited however so if you want the full benefits, this is something you’d definitely need to buy.

Fit Radio

Again, you’ve got a radio-type approach to workout music but with different categories. There’s Coaching, Music, and Running. Instead of music, you get pre-recorded coaching vocals in “Coaching” that’s designed to help push you through some of the toughest routines. This is best used for your HIIT days.

The Music category gives you the choice of 150 DJ mixes to keep up with your routine. For runners – the Running category works exactly like RockMyRun in that it matches your running beat.

Of course, those are just some of the apps available today. Try downloading some of them and see which one keeps you motivated!

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