5 Common Fall Illnesses and How to Prevent Them

Fall is the most beautiful season of the year. With all the orange and brown leaves plus the cool air, this season is definitely something you will want to enjoy.

But the fall season can also be the time when people get sick because bacteria are all around. Besides, Australians are more motivated to go out because of the many public holidays starting March.

Getting sick will hinder you from sticking to your workout regimen. To help you prepare for the fall months, here are five of the most common illnesses and how you can prevent them.

1. Flu

With the cool weather comes the flu. In fact, there are more flu cases during this time of the year because of the cold which easily spreads from one person to another.

You’ll know that you have the flu if you feel tired all of a sudden and you have chills, fever, sore through, colds, or cough.

The best way to prevent getting flu is by getting vaccinated. An annual flu shot will already help lower the chances of you getting sick.

2. Colds

Colds often come with the flu, but there are cases when you just have the common cold. Colds can last from two days to a few weeks when they aren’t treated. It can also be passed by skin contact and by sharing of saliva.

Although there are many causes of common colds, the best way to prevent it is to keep your immune system strong.

Drink lots of fluids and stock up on your Vitamin C. If you have the colds, do others a favor and keep your bacteria to yourself.

3. Sore Throat

Another common symptom of flu is sore throat. A sore throat is characterized by a raspy and painful feeling in your throat.

This is common during the fall season because the cool weather dries out your mouth and throat. A sore throat can also be received from bacteria.

When you feel pain in your throat, drinking lots of fluids can help you feel more comfortable. There are also mints and medicines that can alleviate the pain while having antibacterial properties. Avoiding crowded spaces will also help you feel at ease.

4. Allergies

Just like in spring, allergies become common during the fall season. Even if leaves are mostly dry, there are still many triggers that can cause an allergic reaction.

Some people drink antihistamines to manage their allergies while some drink lots of water.

Although you can’t fix allergies, you can prevent them by avoiding the triggers. Avoid crowded places. It will also help if you practice proper hygiene.

5. Arthritis

For people who are aging, arthritis is a popular joint condition that becomes more intolerable during the fall season.

Arthritis comes naturally for old people, but even adults can experience it, too.

There are many kinds of arthritis and knowing which one will help you understand how to heal it. But in general, regular physical activities can help prevent arthritis.

Stretches, weights, and cardio activities can help your joints and bones grow stronger.

The fall season is a beautiful time in Australia. It would be too bad to miss out on all the events and celebrations.

So, take note of the prevention tips mentioned here so you can still have a fun fall season.