Working out is a good idea especially if you want to stay fit and healthy. But there are times that it’s best to skip a workout or two especially if you have a health problem.

Here are 5 health problems that should stop you from working out.

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is characterised by extreme tiredness. It can be physical, mental, or a mix of both. This is one of the health problems that should tell you to not work out for the day.

Pushing yourself to a 30-minute or even a 15-minute high-intensity routine will only make your body feel weaker. It’s like pushing a broken car to go the next mile.

If you are fatigued, the best thing to do is take a good night’s rest and eat the right meals.

2. Flu

The flu is a combination of fever, cough, and colds. When you have the flu, this means that your body has bacteria inside.

Although your immune system is taking care of it, the last thing you want your immune system to be is weaker.

When you are sick, the immune system is not as strong as it usually is and tiring it out will just result in prolonged flu symptoms.

3. Asthma

Some people think that asthma prevents people from exercising. This is not at all true because people with asthma can still work out. The problem only arises when you are having asthma attacks recently.

Frequent asthma attacks mean that you have to be checked by a doctor because something might be triggering it.

At the same time, asthma can give you difficulty breathing which will make you prone to short breaths during a workout.

If your doctor claims that you are well enough to exercise, try to stick to low-to-medium intensity exercises. You should also be mindful of your breathing patterns and take a few breaks. There is no need to overexert yourself.

4. Injury

An injury takes time to recover. Notice how injured athletes don’t play games or go to training when they are in pain.

Instead, they go to physical therapy so that their muscles, bones, and joints are exercised the right way. Working out with an injury will only lengthen the healing process.

What’s worse is that you might injure yourself even more when you start exercising without being 100% recovered.

5. Surgery

You don’t have to have a reason why working out after surgery is a no-no. Depending on your surgery, your doctor will advise you to rest, from a week to a few months.

You shouldn’t do high-intensity exercises because your body is just trying to recover. It needs time to heal and to gather strength.

Working out immediately will only stress your body. Not only will it hurt but your workout will not be effective, too.

These are just 5 of the many health problems that remind you to not work out just yet. However, the best way to know if you should work out is to consult a doctor.

He or she will tell you when you have clearance for exercise. You will also know for yourself if your mind and body are up for it already.

Emma Pyke
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