5 Motivation Tricks: Love Your Summer Workout

You might have started your workout in spring to get your body bikini-ready but you should not stop just because summer is here. Your commitment to fitness and health should be your reason to continue working out even when it is very hot outside.

How To Remain Motivated To Exercise During Summer

Summertime in Australia is also when the holidays with the most parties and food spreads happen. Thus, it can be tough to maintain your weight and continue working out. Plus, you might find yourself heading over to the beach more often.

1. Set A Goal

The warm weather might put you off of staying in the gym but having a set goal for the season will guide you. It can be running a 5k and signing up for the next race. Now that you have set your goal, you can start planning your schedule in the gym.

2. Train Outside in the Hot weather

There is no reason to get stuck indoors, so take this chance to work out under the blue sky. A personal trainer can help you design an exercise routine outdoors. You can also choose to head over where you can enjoy nature at its finest, so you can breathe in fresh air.

3. Cut Your Workout Time To Two

The heat might be too much especially after a workout, so you might want to consider dividing your normal routine into two, to lessen the risk of overheating or heat-exhaustion. This means, instead of one hour of working out, you can do two half-hour sessions.

You might want to go up in terms of intensity. HIIT workouts are a great way to burn fat and work on the muscles without spending too much time at your exercise.

4. Try Something Different

Take the opportunity to shake up your exercise routine, maybe even setting up newer or different goals for the summer.

You can try out a class you have always been planning to do, but never managed to find the chance. Mixing it up will also allow you to target areas that you might have missed before.

5. Try The Summer Fruits

In the heat, your body can become dehydrated very quickly, but chugging on a bottle of water is not always the smartest way to try them out.

What you can do, instead, is to opt for fruits. Some fruits are actually made of 80% water. There can be versions wherein you have to eat fruit chunks instead.

Put them in the fridge before cutting or even serving them chilled frozen. By eating tons of these fruits, you are replenishing the lost fluids through sweating. You can also opt to add other ingredients like frozen berries, or jell-O.

Working out in the summer is not horrible if you take the necessary steps to protect yourself from overheating. You can also enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air as opposed to only working out in the gym, thanks to the warmer weather.