Exercise is cheap. There’s certainly no excuse for a lethargic body and an uncontrolled weight increase if you truly discipline yourself.

While going to the gym and investing in effective equipment are good ideas, you can find no-equipment workouts that require zero cash investment you can start with. Here are 5 of them:


Any Aussie probably knows yoga. According to a 2017 report, yoga is the number one cardio, strength, and flexibility exercise among Australians with over 2 million practitioners.

Not only is yoga effective, but it’s also doable and affordable. You can grab a mat below $10 dollars and already start toning muscles. For others, carpeted floors overlapped with a clean blanket will suffice.

Tune in to your favorite tutorial video or grab your latest copy of yoga book for the poses. You can even ask your friends and family to join you for a more enjoyable session.


Studies have shown the positive impact of planking on weight loss and muscle toning. It particularly helps you shed off the unwanted belly fats you gained last winter. The greater news is, you need zero financial investment to start planking.

Find a space and begin. You can vary your routine among side planks (helps reducing curvature among scoliotic patients), planks with arms and leg extensions, planks with knee touches, and mountain climbers. The poses may appear simple, but the execution truly tests and builds your core.

Squats-Lunges-Push Ups Combination

You don’t necessarily have to stick to one routine, combining two or more is actually a strategic routine to target different problem areas.

Many circuits use a mix of squats, lunges, and pushups for a more intense and dynamic strength training minus the typical heavy weights.

From a standing position, get into a squat by lowering your hips and legs, arms held together in front of the chest. You can perform 3-5 repetitions before proceeding to your lunges.

Position one leg forward, knee bent and foot flat on the floor. The opposite leg is placed behind. Do 3-5 reps each leg before finally going deeper into your push-ups.

Vary the order of the sets or add additional routines for your weekly circuit. This will prove to be a cheaper alternative to your gym membership.


Dancing may appear more of a hobby than an exercise but studies support the benefits of dancing on health. It improves strength, flexibility, cardio fitness, endurance, agility, and even mental acuity.

Research also shows how dancing calms your nerves when under stress. It’s relatively easy to start dancing. You can familiarize basic dance or aerobics steps that you can match to any music, so that wherever you go you can exercise.

Steps Exercises

Creativity goes a long way with exercise. You can turn those stairs into instant exercise tools by climbing up and down for several repetitions.

If the normal leg raises, jumping jacks, and burpees do not seem enjoyable any more, try stairs climbing with weights or simple step exercises.

Step aerobics is known to burn calories and build strength without putting much pressure on your joints. You can use blocks or an elevated platform at home to put your leg muscles to work and keep your stability and posture well until old age.

You may find many other no-equipment routines online; the list can seem never-ending. The five you have here will be enough to get you started with no other investment but perseverance.

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