5 Things You Need to Expect For the First Time With a Personal Trainer

You’ve finally decided to take your fitness seriously. Because of that, you have booked your first ever fitness session with a personal trainer. For some who have previous experience with a trainer, this isn’t something new.

But if you haven’t had a trainer before and only relied on online videos and how-tos, you might get shocked at your first workout session.

If you want to make your first session worth it, here are a few things you should expect:

1. There’s a getting-to-know-you part

Before every first session with a personal trainer, there will be a portion for introductions. During this time, your trainer will want to get to know you. Not only will they ask you about your eating and exercise habits, but they will want to know you.

This is important in building that relationship with your trainer. Besides, you will be spending more time with them than you think.

2. Your body fat will be measured

The next thing they will do is measure you. Your age will be asked as well as your height, physical activities, and diet. They will often ask you to step on a special weighing scale which measures your body fat. You can also ask what your metabolic age is.

3. There will be an initial assessment

After measuring your body fat, there will be an assessment. This initial assessment is a short workout to check how much you can endure in trainings. This will be the benchmark of the next sessions because your trainer will start crafting a program for you.

Most of the time, the initial assessment will just have a few basic exercises to test out your strength and flexibility. But even if these are simple movements, try to do your best and show what you can do.

4. It’s not going to be easy

For beginners, the initial assessment will be hard. Expect that you will sweat a lot especially if you’ve been a couch potato for so long. Some movements might be new to you, so your body will be adjusting so much during this session.

During this mini workout, you can always ask the aid of your trainer. If you find yourself struggling to keep up, don’t be ashamed to stop. After all, this is your first time. But after a few sessions, expect that your trainer will not give in even if you want to stop.

5. You will be given homework

But your road to fitness does not end there. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Most trainers will give you homework when you get home. Some will be in the form of research or tracking of your eating habits.

Depending on your goal, your personal trainer will ask you to journal your calorie intake. They can also recommend doing a few warm-ups at home.

Having a personal trainer is one of the ways you can get serious with your fitness goal. Not only will they give you advice, but they will also be your number one encourager to work out and stay healthy.