Understanding five tooth truths will help you understand why taking care of your teeth and gums is important. Because oral health affects overall health and well-being, having the right knowledge has a huge impact. Misinformation or other myths can affect whether patients go to the dentist or avoid certain procedures.

Five Tooth Truths All Patients Need To Know

1. Serious Diseases Can Start In The Mouth

Severe and life-threatening diseases like stroke and heart disease can begin your mouth. Periodontal disease is much more than just losing bone, as patients who have this gum disease have been proven to be at higher risk of premature birth, heart problems, stroke, and many more. This is the reason why looking at a sample of plaque under a microscope is important in identifying whether there are bad bugs present. Unfortunately, even healthy-looking gums may conceal a hidden infection.

2. Tooth Pain Can Indicate A Problem In The Body

Tooth pain may not necessarily signal an issue in the mouth, and it is also possible that pain somewhere else in the body is due to an infection in the mouth. This is because tooth pain is due to energetic interferences of the body, because the teeth are also related to muscle groups, vertebrae, and other organs.

Patients who have an infected or decayed tooth, as well as one that has been root-canaled may experience an interference that affects other tissues and organs. In certain situations, dentists may not find any problems in the mouth of a patient suffering from tooth pain and instead, may refer them to a general practitioner for further tests.

3. You May Have Hidden Dental Infections

There are 2 kinds of hidden dental infections that can affect your health. The first are in dead teeth, which can be asymptomatic and will go undetected unless a thorough screening is done. Unfortunately, they can be very toxic simply because they are unknown and may be untreated for a while.

The second are from tooth extraction sites where the bone was not anymore able to heal properly. These are called cavitation and the parts of dead bone can be toxic and eventually lead to a long list of symptoms similar to root canal symptoms.

4. Amalgam Fillings Should Be Avoided

These older fillings contain 50% mercury, which is toxic. In many cases, this mercury escapes in the form of vapor and reaches the cells. When something is done to stimulate these fillings like brushing, chewing or even removing them, the amount of mercury vapor increases. This is the reason why the European Parliament has recently banned amalgam fillings in children, as well as pregnant or nursing women.

5. Metals In The Mouth Cause Electrical Interference

Electric current is generated when dissimilar metals are in a saltwater solution similar to saliva. This means, mercury fillings and other metals in your mouth may generate enough current. This is another reason why metals in the mouth is not a good idea.

These tooth truths are vital in understanding why regular dental visits should be made, for example to check for any hidden infections. Moreover, choices on fillings and other treatments should be made with these truths in mind as well.