5 Weird Wellness Practices That Actually Work

Getting enough rest is one of the most overlooked things today. It seems that catching your breath and unwinding has become a sin in a world where being busy is given a premium.

In the Western part of the world, people take pride in being busy thinking that it’s one of the things that show they’re productive.

But at some point, rest will always be needed. And when rest is needed, a lot of people do a lot of crazy things just to feel relaxed.

5 Non-conventional Wellness Practices

If you think that pole dancing as a means of feeling relaxed is crazy, then there is a lot you are missing out on. All over the world, people are doing weird things for the sake of wellness. Here are some of them.

1. Sound Baths

Sound baths are like yoga sessions except that you listen to different kinds of vibrations from gongs and crystal bowls.

The purpose of going to a sound bath is to relax both your mind and your body by letting yourself loose in the different sounds of instruments.

All you have to do is lie down on a mat, focus on your breathing, and let your mind rest as you listen to the sound of gongs.

2. Orgasmic Meditation

Sound baths might be a little like yoga, but orgasmic meditation isn’t. Orgasmic meditation originated in the UK and it works by having someone stroke a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes.

Yes, this is definitely not the kind of meditation most people are accustomed to, but research shows that orgasms help remove stress from the body. Don’t worry, these meditation classes are done privately.

3. Prison Pampering

Next up in the weird wellness practices list is prison pampering. If you’ve just heard this now, you’re probably thinking that there is no way you will be relaxed in prison. But this method says otherwise.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, prisoners give visitors massages that will help ease the stress and ache in their muscles. What’s great about this is that inmates get paid once they are released from prison.

4. Cryotherapy

In Slovakia, there is a new wellness method that people are getting curious about. It’s called cryotherapy where people step in a room that is way below your average negative temperature.

You literally step in a room that is -110 degrees Celsius. But the weird thing here is that you are only wearing a light set of clothes and a pair of slippers. Athletes are known to do this to help ease muscle pain, but now it’s open to the public.

5. Crystals

If you’ve seen Miranda Kerr’s Instagram stories, then you know that she’s a fan of crystals. Although there is not enough proof to say that they help you feel relaxed and healthy, apparently it has become a trend in the beauty industry.

Different kinds of crystals like quartzes and jades are being lighted and used as decor in tables in the hopes that it can radiate relaxation. Sometimes, they’re even converted to jewelry for the sake of their “healing powers”.