6 Amazing Benefits of Megaformer-Inspired Workouts

Trendy diets come and go – but there’s no replacing honest to goodness exercises that leave you sweating, breathless, and satisfied all at the same time.

While Megaformer-inspired workouts have been declared as Australia’s trendiest workout for 2019, there’s no question that this brand new approach to fitness relieves heavily on tried and tested methods.

Here’s what you should understand about the Megaformer and how it contributes to more effective workouts:

1. It’s An All-in-One Workout Machine

The Megaformer is a fairly big machine, measuring around 10 feet. It consists of two platforms and a center carriage that can be moved backwards and forwards to accommodate various workout positions.

To provide resistance, the machine has a series of springs that can be adjusted depending on your strength. For both balance and support, there are handle bars on both sides of the machine.

When we say “all in one”, this doesn’t just refer to the different body parts targeted. Instead, the machine focuses on improving flexibility, muscles, cardio, and balance.

2. It’s Person-Flexible

The 10-feet machine may seem too much, but this is actually done to accommodate all body types. There are enough springs, square footage, and grips in there to make it possible for anyone to execute the workouts.

Since the springs can be adjusted depending on the desired level of difficulty, this also means that even those starting from zero can use the Megaformer and gain results.

3. The Target is Long and Lean Results

It can be said that Megaformer-inspired workouts are designed primarily for women because the results are focused towards achieving longer and leaner muscles. There is cardio and strength training, but the goal is really to increase the capacity of the muscles without any kind of bulking.

4. Safety is Achieved through Form

One of the major drawbacks of freestyle workouts is that there’s not much emphasis on the right posture. Both beginners and experts can injure themselves by doing a particularly difficult move using improper body positioning.

Fortunately, the Megaformer is designed to promote correct posture. The machine might seem threatening at first, but its slightly awkward design is intended to reduce possible injuries during a workout.

5. Tons of Online and On-Site Instructions

Having achieved popularity in 2019, the machine is now heavily used for workouts by professionals. If you intend to use this to achieve your body goals, then rest assured knowing that there are already dozens of classes – both online and offline – that are being conducted with this machine as the primary equipment.

6. Promotes Continuous Calorie Burn

According to experts, workouts inspired by the Megaformer also allow for continuous calorie burns. What does this mean? Even after the exercise, the body continues to burn calories because it managed to reach peak intensity. Hence, even after slowing down, the body is still churning so that the calorie burn does not stop.

This is actually the same principle that makes High Intensity Interval Training such a huge weight loss technique. The difference is that with the Megaformer, you also get balance, strength, and muscle toning.