It’s that time of the year again when flowers start to bloom and it’s cool yet sunny at the same time. Just a few of what happens in Australia during springtime are the Melbourne Cup and the Floriade. During these events, it’s impossible to stop yourself from snacking on something sweet or salty. It’s no wonder a lot of people start to gain weight during these months.

But don’t worry, you can always follow these tips to get you ready for the spring season.

1. Start Hydrating

Even before spring starts, you should start hydrating. Being hydrated brings a lot of benefits1. When you are properly hydrated, you won’t feel as hungry as you used to be because your body thinks that you are already full.

2. Invite a Friend to Exercise With You

If you don’t have the motivation to go out or exercise, maybe inviting a friend will help. You don’t have to get a friend who’s already fit because you might not get motivated. Invite a friend who is also trying to be physically fit like you. For example, both of you can use vibration machine together. In that way, you can both encourage each other.

3. Clear Out Your Pantry

To help you lessen the junk food you eat, clear your pantry of all the food that is not healthy for you. If you have a lot of junk food and soda lying around, then it would help to give it to someone else. It helps that you don’t see these kinds of food so you don’t get tempted to munch on them.

4. Buy More Fruits and Vegetables

Spend more time outside by buying fresh fruits and vegetables in the market. It’s spring and there is a lot of fresh food you can buy. Slowly improve on your diet by eating healthy meals where the majority is composed of white meat, fruits, and vegetables.

5. Find an Outdoor Activity

Since it’s spring, it is a great idea to get out of the house and discover a new outdoor activity. As much as possible, choose an activity that will encourage you to go out and stretch your muscles. In this way, you get to strengthen them and reap the benefits of a well-toned body. At least spending three hours a week with that activity and it will already make a huge difference to your health.

6. Visit the Park

It would be such a shame if you just let spring pass without visiting your local park. Spring is a great season in Australia and you will be missing out if you don’t enjoy the sun and the landscape that the country offers you. If you plan on jogging, you might as well jog in the park or walk around even if it’s just for a few minutes. You can even do your outdoor activity in the park if it’s doable.

There are many ways to stay fit even if it’s spring. All you have to do is to push yourself out of bed and start experiencing a healthy life outside.


1. Barry M. Popkin, Kristen E. D’Anci, and Irwin H. Rosenberg. Water, Hydration and Health. Nutr Rev. 2010 Aug; 68(8): 439–458. doi: 10.1111/j.1753-4887.2010.00304.x

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