Good blood circulation is one of the things that everyone should have. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body. Without good circulation, organs in the body cease to function at their best. This can give more complex problems in the future.

There are many things that prevent proper blood circulation. But what you should focus on is how to improve your circulation so that you don’t have to experience the negative effects of not having enough oxygen and nutrients in your cells. Here are 7 tips that you can follow:

1. Maintain the right weight

Being overweight has a lot of disadvantages and one of them is poor blood circulation1. When you are too heavy for your own body, fat can get in the way of how your blood flows which leads to oxygen deficiency for some of your body parts.

So, there is more reason to lose weight now than ever. You can slowly regulate the food you eat and start exercising.

2. Stretch and do yoga

Stretches promote good blood circulation. And one of the practices that allow your body to stretch is through yoga.

Yoga poses help stretch your joints and muscles so that they are able to release tension. The tension in these areas can prevent your blood from flowing well so it’s best to stretch a few times a day.

3. Do cardio exercises

There’s no doubt that cardio is one of the best ways to manage weight. When you do exercises that make you sweat, your heart and lungs suddenly blast a supply of oxygen-rich blood cells. In this way, more blood flows through you and you become more energised. Jump on either a basic treadmill or exercise bike for a good workout.

4. Drink tea

Another way is to drink tea. Most kinds of teas are rich in antioxidants that help in blood circulation. It also helps boost your immune system and lowers the risk of heart disease. Specific teas meant for circulation are green, black, and white tea.

5. Stock up on iron-rich foods

Iron is a very important mineral simply because iron is found in red blood cells. It is responsible for boosting your immune system and preventing fatigue.

But more importantly, it boosts haemoglobin which is the protein that transports oxygen to the different parts of the body. Eating iron-rich foods will then improve your oxygen supply.

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking is linked a lack of oxygen in your body. This is because tobacco prevents your blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen. So if you want to improve blood circulation, ditching your smoking habits can do wonders to your body.

7. Gently massage parts of your body

And lastly, a massage. Even when you’re out in the office or just waiting in line on the food stand, gently massaging different parts of the body will improve blood circulation.

This is because a massage releases tension in your muscles and joints that prevent blood from flowing properly. You can even use a massage gun to help you doing this. Read this article to find out how to use one properly.

With these 7 tips, you don’t have to go to great lengths to improve your blood circulation. In fact, just doing all these things can already make a difference in your overall health.


1. Jacqueline K. Limberg, Barbara J. Morgan, and William G. Schrage, Peripheral Blood Flow Regulation in Human Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2016 Jul; 44(3): 116–122. doi: 10.1249/JES.0000000000000083

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