Covid-19 has changed our lives in unexpected ways. It has completely turned our daily workout upside down. Before Covid-19, people enjoyed going to gyms, attending yoga lessons, spa services and even dining out in restaurants offering specialty cuisine. However, when the pandemic broke out, these health-conscious individuals’ fitness routines have been greatly affected.

‘New Normal’ Fitness Routines

Since the pandemic started, everyone struggled to adjust. This is because of its unanticipated intrusion especially in our daily lives. People had to adapt to these changes. Meeting friends at the gym and working out are now disallowed.

This is because fitness centers like gyms were ordered closed to prevent further spread of infection. Social distancing policies have been imposed as well, making gym life next to impossible to achieve.

However, as people are very innovative, we still find ways to adjust. With too many hours to burn at home, exercising has to be adjusted and included to the new daily activity.

This is when exercise routines online became the new trend and people began to buy gym equipment to continue their fitness routines at home. With the aid of live streams, virtual exercise classes made it seem like a regular gym day.

Although a lot of people still prefer face-to-face gym activities, coping with what is available at present became acceptable. Living room exercises streamed online require a few bucks to spend while eliminating the need to go out and risk being exposed to the Covid-19 virus. With people settling for this option, gyms and fitness studios are also helped in staying afloat despite not having walk-in customers.

Physical to Virtual Fitness Transition

The fitness industry has also embraced the change of having to train virtually. This was far-fetched from before Covid-19 where people have to be physically present in a gym or fitness center to carry out routines.

Systems have also drastically changed. For example, back then a fitness trainer had to be in front of his class to be able to deliver a lesson. However due to the situation that we are being confronted with, this system also changed.

Fitness trainers adapted to this change. They started recording their lessons while demonstrating what to do and how to do when it comes to exercise routines. Mobile phone apps for fitness have also flourished. People can monitor their weight gain or loss though some app fitness trackers.

This also paved the way for exercise equipment orders to flourish. The demand increased as people do their fitness routines online. Orders came pouring for the likes of small dumbbells, yoga mats and big equipment.

Although the pandemic has limited the usual exercises we do with other people in a training center, it has created a new trend of online fitness lessons and home exercising.

Meanwhile, those who cannot get their hands on home equipment due to market availability opted for other fitness exercises that require little or no equipment at all. Examples include bodyweight training or calisthenics.

More Changes Coming

As we are a long way to go towards the post Covid-19 era, more changes are seen to come in the fitness industry. People will eventually get used to online innovations. Person-to-person contact will further decrease as safety concerns will be prioritized.

Staying at home can make us more sedentary than we previously were. With time in our hands, we can do simple outdoor activities like jogging to eliminate passive routines. There is an innate need from all of us to interact but with the present Covid-19 problem, adjusting and adapting is all we can do. For those who can afford, a personal fitness trainer can be hired for exclusive home lessons.

Another major change that has occurred and will continue on is bicycling. Many people have opted using bicycles not only as a mode of transportation but a form of staying fit as well. The demand for bicycles has also surged. When protocols for social distancing were strongly imposed, bicycling offered people the solution to keep their distance from one another.

Dedication to healthier lifestyles has been seen in many people because of trying times brought by Covid-19. Thus, it is no wonder that more adaptable changes to the fitness industry will come.

Emma Pyke
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