Baking Soda To The Rescue With These 6 Problems

Generation Z marks the generation of life hacks, do-it-yourself tutorials, and kitchen remedies. Where customizing is possible and where organic is available, people almost always choose such. Quite possibly, this new dynamics arises as a result of information revolution. An average Joe can easily and readily Google his way through researching about Invisalign braces or the health benefits of the hibiscus flower. And among the commonly researched kitchen wonders is baking soda or sodium bicarbonate.

Baking soda is widely known to taper off strong odor and remove stubborn stains. But there are many other problems surprisingly remedied by a pinch or a scrub of the powdery-textured baking soda. Get to know 6 of them:

1. Indigestion

Your box of baking soda is not only intended for cakes and other yummy bites. Once dissolved in warm water, the solution can be downed to attenuate the level of acidity in your stomach. Uncertain about the ratio? You can stick to the basic ¼ teaspoon to a regular size of glass proportion. However, since not all indigestion problems are attributed to hyperacidity, you are to consult with your physician if the symptoms persist after 14 days.

As a precaution, don’t administer it on children below 6 years old. More so, avoid consuming baking soda within 2 hours following your intake of other medications to avoid slowing down the absorption rate and hampering the medicine’s efficacy.

2. Poor Dental Hygiene

Not all people are aware that tooth decay can simply be remedied by brushing with a combination of baking soda and toothpaste. Embedded with antibacterial properties, baking soda thoroughly cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes your mouth that easy. Yet, always remember to be gentle with the cleaning process.

3. House Odor

Often, foul odor comes from intense bases (e.g., leftover fish) or acids (e.g., spoilt milk). Baking soda neutralizes any extreme smells by changing the pH balance of the environment, be it inside the refrigerator or in the garage. You may either simply open the box or sprinkle the product over affected areas.

4. Insect Bites and Rashes

Prolonged and frequent contact with baking soda damages the skin, particularly so if the application is forceful. So long as the application is controlled, you can enjoy the skin benefits of using baking soda including treatment for itchiness, stinging sensation, and redness due to insect bites or perhaps rashes. In fact, some commercial ointments and creams contain portions of baking soda. To create a DIY paste, mix ¾ water with ¼ baking soda and blend.

5. Acne

Are you on a quest for an affordable and effective acne solution? Diluted baking soda may just be what you need as it is formulated with exfoliating and antibacterial properties. Pimples eventually dry out and breakouts become tolerable. Using baking soda as regular body scrub is also possible. This habit helps clean clogged pores and refine skin texture.

6. Chemotherapy Efficiency

Research has shown that baking soda intake promotes the efficacy of chemotherapy as some drugs thrive in alkaline conditions and high acidity can hamper the impact of therapy. So, to a certain extent, baking soda has indirect effects in the treatment of cancer. Still, a doctor’s recommendation is a requisite.

There are many other known benefits of baking soda, including treating acidity caused by kidney problems, excess oil in the hair, body odor, and so on. Yet like all other DIYs, always exercise caution. Research and seek expert advice when possible.