The weights bench is something compact and easy to use. If you are collecting exercise equipment for your home gym, a bench weight is a definite must-have.

A bench looks deceptively simple but there are tons of things you can do on it that will help you develop physical fitness and muscle strength.

A great thing about a bench is you don’t have to assemble complicated parts to get started. All you need is to put your bench in a spare space and get started on your exercise.

Depending on the bench you’ve purchased, some even allow you to adjust the incline and height of the bench so you will be targeting and challenging more muscle groups.

1. Bench Press with Dumbbells

This exercise is often used by clients in the gym who want perfectly formed chest muscles. This is one of the most common and well-known exercises done on the bench. The bench press with dumbbells allows you to exercise your pecs with more range and with a more natural movement.

In order to perform this exercise, you will need two dumbbells, lie on the bench with your back slightly arched and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your arms vertically and raise the dumbbells above you.

You should feel the stretch in your pectoral muscles when you bring the dumbbells together above you. From the raised position, lower the dumbbells slowly until it is at the same level as your chest.

Contract your pecs and moved the dumbbells up back again. Bring them together as they are raised at the top. Repeat the movement.

You should make sure that your buttocks and back are anchored against the bench. You should keep your core are rigid so you can have more control when raising the dumbbells.

2. Dumbbell Pullover

You will need one dumbbell for this exercise aside from the bench. The main targeted muscles are the pecs, triceps, teres major, and latissimus dorsi.

To perform the exercise, lie down flat on the bench with your head just resting on the vertical edge. With both hands, grab the dumbbell and extend your arms over your head.

Breathe deeply and lower the dumbbell behind your head. After this, bring the dumbbell up just above your face to starting position. Repeat the movement.

As with the previous exercise, your buttock and your back should be firmly anchored on the bench. Avoid extra movements that will interfere with the fluid motion of the dumbbell pullover exercise.

3. Dumbbell Row

Get fit and lean, beautiful back muscles with the help of a bench and one dumbbell. Perform this exercise by putting one knee on the bench while the other foot is on the ground.

Take a dumbbell with one hand and rest your other hand on the bench with the other. Keep your back straight and pull the dumbbell up to your chest from a lowered position.

Make sure your back is flat during this exercise to keep proper form and safety.

Final Thoughts

A bench can give you a lot of options if you want to have a great looking body at home. You don’t have to spend on a lot of complicated equipment or gym memberships to achieve results. Be knowledgeable of exercises you can do with a bench and get started on your fitness journey in no time.

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