Bouncing on a trampoline is not just for recreation; it is for fitness, too. Bounce Fit is an effective and distinctly fun way to burn fats. More and more people are reaping the slimming effects of bouncing. Don’t get behind the trend, book your trial class today. Do you still have doubts? Read the article to the end to convince you otherwise.

NASA-approved Exercise

Bouncing is a high-intensity but low-impact exercise. If you’re not fond of running miles, you may give this rebound exercise a try. A study conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reveals that bouncing for 10 minutes is better than running for 33 minutes.

As it allows you to work against gravity, bouncing burns more calories and pumps your heart harder. Not to mention, it is a lot more fun than running.

Improves Your Posture

Some people are reluctant about the impact of bouncing on the spine. Contrary to your belief, bouncing is safe. It even improves your posture as you work on your balance every time you land. The trampoline absorbs the shock of your landing so your spine is safe from damage-causing impacts.

Bouncing improves your coordination, too. Still, experts recommend that you seek professional training first before trying it on your own at home. If you suffer from back pain and spine injuries, you must consult with your physician.

Encourages Sharp Thinking

Bouncing increases the amount of oxygen that flows through your system. Oxygen is essential for brain functioning. Brain cell stimulation consequently triggers the increase of endorphins, one of the hormones responsible for positive mood.

With Bounce Fit, you therefore become mentally alert and less anxious. Instead of going to the pub when you are under stress, why don’t you just consider hitting the trampoline?

Elevates Mood

As explained, Bounce Fit is associated with the release of the happy hormone, endorphin. Specifically, endorphins help relieve pain, reduce tension, and relax the mind. Quit smoking and bounce on a trampoline instead. The process of jumping itself is already a happy experience. You get to be a child again, forgetting your worries even for a little while.

Reduces Fats

If you typically burn 200 to 300 calories for every 30 minutes of running, you can double the number by jumping on a trampoline. Gravity lets you use your muscles extra harder and thus lose more fats. As you learn more air stunts, you will be able to put more muscle groups other than your leg muscles into hard work.

In the process, you’ll not only shed off more fats but also enhance your flexibility and tone your muscles. Bouncing is even a recommended exercise for patients suffering from arthritis, since it improves lymphatic and blood circulation.

Bounce fit is kid-friendly, too. Moms who have obese kids find trampoline exercises beneficial. In fact, kids would not even think of it as exercise. They will enjoy bouncing and performing stunts in the air with their playmates. While it is a relatively safe exercise, adult supervision is still required. Also, to maximise the benefits of bouncing, consider enroling your kids in a formal lesson where an expert coach can guide them through trampoline safe techniques.

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