There is now an online tool that you can use to determine your fitness age. This is the product of the research by exercise scientists in Norway. You only need to answer a few questions and the programme will already analyse your answers. Within seconds, you will have an idea about your fitness age.

While the tool is very handy, it may not appeal to those who do not like answering questions online. There is another way that mimics the questions of the online tool.

First, run a full mile. Do not forget to record the time that it will take you to complete the distance. This test will help determine your cardiovascular fitness or VO2 Max. Your fitness age is as follows.

  • 25, if you finish the distance in less than 7 minutes, 20 seconds
  • 35, if you completed it in less than 7 minutes, 40 seconds
  • 45, if you completed run it in less than 8 minutes
  • 55, if you finished it in less than 8 minutes, 40 seconds
  • 65, if you completed the distance in more than 8 minutes, 40 seconds

Next, test your strength. You will need to lift a trap bar deadlift and walk 100 feet. Do not ever drop the deadlift. You can also use kettlebells or heavy dumbbells. Record your fitness age as follows.

  • 25, if you carried 175% of your bodyweight
  • 35, if you carried 150% of your bodyweight
  • 45, if you carried 125% of your bodyweight
  • 55, if you carried 100% of your bodyweight
  • 65, if you carried less than 100% of your bodyweight

You will also need to test your relative strength. You will need to perform as many correct pushups for this test. Take note of the following fitness ages.

  • 25, if you performed 28 reps
  • 35, if you performed 21 reps
  • 45, if you performed 16 reps
  • 55, if you performed 12 reps
  • 65, if you performed 11 reps

The next test involves lifting a kettlebell from a lying down position to a standing position, while keeping the weight over your head the whole time. Your fitness age will be dependent on the weight of your kettlebell.

  • 25, if it weighs 24 kilogrammes
  • 35, if it weighs 20 kilogrammes
  • 45, if it weighs 16 kilogrammes
  • 55, if it weighs 12 kilogrammes
  • 65, if there is no weight at all

This component tests your coordination. You will need to perform as many single-leg jump ropes for this test. Take note of the following fitness age.

  • 25, if 50 consecutive skips
  • 35, if 45 consecutive skips
  • 45, if 35 consecutive skips
  • 55, if 25 consecutive skips
  • 65, if 10 consecutive skips

The last component measures your mobility. Grab a long stick and hold it over your head. Stand with your feet planted on the floor and as wide as your shoulders. Perform a squat to parallel. Keep your feet planted and your arms straight. If you were able to reach parallel, then you will have a fitness age score of minus-1. If you did not reach the parallel, you will get a score of minus-3.

Add the fitness age scores for the first five exercises and divide the sum by 5. Add score for the mobility test. This will give you your fitness age. For example, if the first 5 tests gave you a score of 33 and you reached parallel, then your fitness age will be 32.

Using this simplified test is fun. You should try it to determine if you are fitter than your calendar age.

Emma Pyke
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