Body pain is experienced by 3.24 million Australians in varying degrees. Notably, more women have this problem but the gap isn’t that big when you compare the 1.74 million women to the 1.5 million men.

The question is – can something be done other than expensive therapy and consistent pain relief medication? Of course! There’s yoga which has been proven multiple times to help with body pain, whether it’s chronic or not.

How does it help though? Here’s what you should know:

Different Poses Target Different Body Parts

Yoga comes with different poses, from the basic to something that’s so complicated it looks like only a contortionist will be able to do it. Don’t worry though – there are complexity levels so you won’t be asked to do anything serious as a beginner.

The beauty here is that each pose can be accredited with a different pain relief for a targeted body part. Whether you have joint problems, the dreaded back pain, knee pain, and headaches – all of those can be targeted with even the most basic yoga poses. Even muscle soreness and digestive issues have been known to benefit from regular yoga exercises.

For example, the beginner pose of stretching your body by pushing your hands upwards can do so much for your upper back. It opens up the shoulders, aligns the spine, and gives you that painfully delicious stretch of muscles along the shoulder blade. Try it!

It’s all About Flexibility and Blood Flow

If you spend most of the day sitting or doing a specific action repetitively – yoga helps relieve any pain that might be caused by such action. For example, if you sit often – chances are your bones and muscles are now pushing against each other in a very awkward angle.

Yoga helps remove that awkwardness through a counterbalancing move that relieves the pressure. Think of your body as a thread that’s constantly wound up by repeated movements.

Yoga helps unwind the thread and leave you feeling fresh and new each day. Plus, there’s the focus on blood flow, promoting red blood cells to push through every body part.

Oh, and Breathing!

Of course, there’s also the fact that yoga helps you focus on breathing. It’s very concerned with proper inhale and exhale while assuming poses to make sure that every bit of your body gets the oxygen it needs to survive. Concentrating on breathing is also a form of meditation – which is a lot like hitting two birds with one stone.

Bonus: It Helps with Your Mood

As an added perk, studies have shown that practicing yoga regularly will make you feel more positive throughout the day. After all, yoga is a simple variation of an exercise, and we all know that exercises can help boost your mental state.

On your first day of doing Yoga, chances are the postures caused you pain rather than solve it. Don’t worry though – this is perfectly natural as the body gets used to the movements. With daily practice, you can actually relieve pain, enjoy better energy, and get better posture.

Emma Pyke
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