Fight Fatigue: Eat These 3 Best Power Foods

When it comes to fighting fatigue, most folks always grab a bar of chocolate or concoct their own brand of caffeinated beverage. Sure, these types of carb-rich foods will give you the energy boost you need so that you will not feel tired or fatigued, but it will never bring you any good in the long run.

The key to fighting fatigue is a good combination of moderate carbs and healthy proteins that serve to prolong the energy high.

This way, you will feel more energised a lot longer. Don’t know where to start? Well, hang onto your seats as we bring to you 3 healthy foods to fight fatigue.

Chia Seeds

Don’t ever underestimate these little fellows as these seeds never got their reputation as “running food” for nothing. Both the Mayans and the Aztecs have been known to consume chia seeds primarily to improve their endurance and overall performance.

And we’re talking about the people who foraged the jungles of Central America. A tablespoon of these seeds gives you 5 grams of fibre and 2.5 grams of protein, freeing you from the dreaded blood sugar spikes. But that’s not all there is to these seeds.

It comes complete with the antioxidant quercetin, too, a substance that can help hasten the speed of muscle recovery while also aiding in performance improvement.


Did you know that losing even a mere 1.5 per cent of the total volume of water in our body is often enough to make us feel fatigued and soggy? This is what scientists have found out.

And while we can always down a full bottle of refreshingly cold water to keep us from getting dehydrated, a much better solution is to grab several slices of watermelon. A hundred grams of watermelon delivers 91.45 grams of water which is almost equivalent to drinking 91 millilitres of water.

But that’s not all. Watermelon also contains vitamins A, C, and B complex. There’s calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc, too. Technically, watermelon is your fruitier and healthier alternative to Gatorade.


Okay, we all know oatmeal is excellent for the heart, because of the omega-3 fatty acids that it contains. But, more than just a simple breakfast starter, a hundred grams of oatmeal can contain 2.5 grams of protein plus a host of vitamins and minerals.

What you may not know is that it also contains 83.6 grams of water for every 100 grams of oats. Additionally, the 12 grams of carbs it contains mostly come in the form of dietary fibre and only a fraction of the sugars.

The combination of proteins and dietary fibres can help stabilise your blood sugar levels, allowing you to have longer-lasting energy and freeing you from the clutches of fatigue. Now that’s always a good reason to start your day with a good bowl of oats.

Chia seeds, watermelons, and oatmeal are just 3 of the best and healthy foods you can eat to fight fatigue. A good rule to follow is a good combination of health carbs and proteins to go into your diet.