Germs in Fitness Gyms: How to Keep Yourself Protected

Gyms are semi-public spaces that can turn into breeding grounds for microorganisms. The towels in the locker room may not be 100% sanitary.

The surfaces of the different exercise equipment may also contain germs. A fellow gym-goer may also have a cold or other viral infection.

The less-than-ideal sanitary conditions of the gym should never be an excuse for skipping exercise, however. Here are some ways to keep yourself protected from germs in the gym.

Always Wash Your Hands

Do as the members of the healthcare profession do. It is a very important for patient safety that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare members wash their hands whenever they have to perform a procedure.

You can adhere to the same principle, too. Always wash your hands every time you touch or hold a gym equipment.

This will help prevent the transmission of germs from one gym equipment to another. You do not need to go to the washroom to clean your hands. A hand sanitizer will be very convenient to use and easy to include as a post-workout routine.

Hands Off the Face

Keep your hands off your face. This is despite washing or sanitizing it. Many of the germs present in the surroundings can enter the body through natural openings.

In the face, you have the nose and the mouth. The eyes can also provide an opening for certain germs. They can invade the mucus membrane of the eyes and cause an infection.

That is why it is imperative to keep your hands away from your face. If you have to wipe the sweat from your forehead, do so with a towel.

Clean Exercise Equipment Right Before and After Use

There is no way of knowing whether the person who used the gym equipment last is carrying germs or not.

In addition to washing your hands, it is a good idea to sanitize the surfaces of the gym equipment. You do not need to sanitize or disinfect the whole equipment.

Focus only on the surfaces that you will be in contact with. For example, sanitize the handlebar of the elliptical trainer or the dumbbell before use.

As a matter of courtesy to the next person who will use the equipment, you may want to sanitize it after use.

Bring Your Own Stuff

There are gyms that provide towels and other similar items to their members. While it may be tempting to use these items, it would be best to bring your own towel.

You will never know if these items have undergone sanitation and disinfection. There may be germs still lurking within the fibers of these materials. They are just waiting for the right moment to enter your body.

The same is true with yoga mats. If you are going to have any of those floor exercises, it is best to bring a layer of protection from the floor’s surface. It will be quite difficult to determine whether there are still germs on the floor or not.

The gym can be a fantastic place to achieve your fitness goals. However, it can also expose you to different germs that can make you sick. Observing the tips we shared with you should help you stay protected from these germs in the gym.