Get More Exercise Done In Less Time With Supersets

If you are an avid gym-goer, you might have been aware of supersets, but haven’t taken advantage of this method just yet. Superset workouts have been a staple for many muscle buffs through the years.

Many praise this method since it is a great way to burn fat and build muscle without spending plenty of time in fitness centres. Add more knowledge on this workout and get pulled in by knowing the basics.

What is a Superset Workout?

Supersetting refers to your two choice exercises done one after the other without resting in between the first and second exercise. You can only get to rest following the second exercise before reiterating those exercises. With regular superset workouts, you will be able to achieve good, lean muscles in a more time-efficient manner.

The Benefits

Famous muscle buffs like Arnold Schwarzenegger took up supersets to further enhance their bods. Here are the advantages of supersetting:

1. It Increases the Intensity of Your Gym Routine

Now you can prevent boredom in the gym by doing supersets. Performing consecutive exercises with zero rest between those routines allows you to facilitate your body to work harder than usual.

2. It Lets You Save Time

If you always find yourself rushing during your workout routine, then supersets are your friend. You will be able to deduct a good amount of time spent working out by mixing exercises together and decreasing rest periods. Supersets will not also forgo the usual intensity or results that you gain during your routines.

3. It Boosts Lactic Acid Production

Lactic acid is helpful when it comes to improving growth hormones. Basic biology expounds that growth hormones encourage significant fat loss and also aids in developing muscles. Growth hormones are increased whenever the body reacts to a decrease in pH levels, which is caused by lactic acid production.

Types of Supersets

The exercises you include in your supersets do not have to come from a fitness expert. It is up to you to create a custom combo. Here are the three basic types of supersets and they are the following:

1. Similar Muscle Groups

This refers to supersetting using two exercises for the same body part back, performed end-to-end. One benefit of this workout is that it lets you overexert a targeted muscle group, doubling the effort for faster results.

2. Staggered

This refers to a superset workout which involves exercising unrelated muscle groups consecutively. For example, you can perform a bench press routine first then follow it up with a routine focused on calves or abdominals.

3. Antagonistic

This superset regimen refers to a workout that involves contrasting muscle groups with one another. The main benefit of this workout is that all muscle groups you hone in on stay strong with every set. Doing the first set will not exhaust targeted body parts that you will work on during the second set.

Improve your gym routine by doing time-efficient rounds of supersets. Supplement your routine now with an intense superset combo.