Healthy Pregnancy: Safe and Doable Exercises For Expecting Mums

Gynecologists say that pregnant women should have at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises per day, three to four times a week. This can help reduce many of the pregnancy symptoms, boost one’s mood, and facilitate faster recovery after childbirth.

The key is to perform only safe and doable exercises, such as the following:


This is one of the safest exercises for pregnant women. The buoyant effects of water can minimize the strain on the joints. It can also make you feel more agile and lighter. You get to improve the range of motion of your joints without fear of impact forces reverberating through the joint capsule.

There are studies that show it can provide health benefits to pregnant women other than the maintenance of physical fitness. It can relieve puffy ankles, sciatic pain, and nausea.


Brisk-walking can help pregnant women achieve the level of fitness that is beneficial for their pregnancy. The key here is to minimize the impact of walking on the joints. A pair of good-quality sneakers is a must.

This can help absorb impact forces and prevent them from reaching the bones of the legs and the knee joints. It is important to remember that pregnancy brings microscopic changes in the bone.

They become more brittle, which makes them more vulnerable to fractures. Minimizing the effects of forces on the bones can help prevent fractures and other bone problems during pregnancy.


It is okay to jog or run during the first two trimesters of pregnancy. The improvement in cardiovascular functioning can help deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to the developing fetus.

Jogging in the third trimester may not be that easy anymore because of the growing fetus and the ever-enlarging abdomen. It will be quite difficult to jog with a tummy that bounces with each stride.

The key to these exercises is to wear the correct footwear. A pair of running shoes with ample cushioning works best. It is also ideal to jog or run on level terrain. Consider your pace, too.

Elliptical Trainers

One of the best and safest exercises for pregnant women is elliptical trainers. Stair climbers can also be excellent tools. They combine the movements of walking, stair climbing, and running without putting too much stress on the joints.

In a way, the movements of the lower limbs are a lot similar to gliding on skis. You do not get to lift your legs and step them on a hard platform. These exercises can help keep pregnant women fit, while keeping them safe.

Aerobics or Group Dance

For women who love to dance, joining a group dance can be a wonderful way to stay fit. Zumba, for example, can help improve the level of endorphins in the brain. It helps pregnant women feel good about themselves and their pregnancy.

When it comes to aerobics, it is best to pick a class that focuses more on low-impact aerobics. You do not want to cause unnecessary strain on your knees.

Exercises are great for everyone, even pregnant women. They have to be choosy about their exercises to help ensure that their pregnancy is safe.