Australians are beginning to see the importance of health and fitness. Indeed, the number of gym members worldwide has increased significantly over time, consumers spending thousands on classes and facility access.

While health is definitely wealth, the means to a healthy lifestyle need not be expensive. Why not set up your own home gym and save more money in the long run? Here are 6 basic workout equipment to get you started.

Yoga Mat

Everybody’s needs a good stretch, and so everybody needs a good yoga mat. It will only cost you somewhere between 20 to 150 dollars, depending on the desired thickness, material, and brand.

Most yoga mats are 1/16 inch thick and made from PVC. Recently, however, the mat materials have diversified to include rubber, cotton, vinyl, and even recycled materials.

Even when downward dogs and sun salutations are not your cup of tea, you will still need a yoga mat for your planks, push-ups, and side lunges to keep you from slipping and falling on your face.


The safest weight choice for beginners is dumbbells. They are flexible, affordable, and portable. They come in different sizes (2.5kg-30kg) and types (rubber-coated to cast iron), too.

You don’t need a comprehensive know-how knowledge to use dumbbells. Plus, they can be paired with nearly every exercise set – lunges, presses, squats, even walking.

Whether you are building muscles or enhancing cardiovascular fitness, be handy with your dumbbells.

Cardio Machines

Because everyone is different, you are to take your pick from the list of available cardio machines – stationary bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, stair climbers, or elliptical machines.

In choosing, you’ll have to consider the space requirement and of course your preference. Many women, for instance, find ellipticals more holistic because the machine moves your knees, hips, and arms.

Whatever is your preferred cardio machine, it’s perfectly fine. Buy secondhand equipment if the brand-new ones are too expensive.

Elastic Band

Elastic bands are absolutely wallet- and storage-friendly. They increase the intensity and effectiveness of your typical workout.

Because of their flexibility and wearability, exercises using elastic bands are more targeted. It’s not surprising why most physiotherapists recommend bands over weights for patients under treatment.

The fun part is they come in different colors corresponding different resistance levels. This can be a good motivation scheme for you. Who needs pull bars when there are strong resistant bands around the house?

Swiss Balls

Swiss balls, stability balls, physio balls, medicine balls – your fitness balls have many names. But their main function is to improve your balance, stretch out your bodies, and build your core.

It’s a worthy investment for losing unwanted fats, at the same time keeping your balance and posture in check. There are many online guides that help you play around your fitness balls. Grab one and experiment with your routines.

Jumping Ropes

You can install a suspended punching bag for your boxing or hire a sparring partner. Boxing is perfect for strength and power training, muscle toning, and cardio fitness.

It’s a great stress reliever, too. But if the idea doesn’t appear practical yet, you can contend yourself with jumping ropes.

Daily jumping rope exercises equally improve your coordination, burns calories, improves cardio fitness, and builds muscles. Believe it or not, jumping rope exercises make you more mentally agile.

See, starting a home gym is quite affordable and doable. These 6 basic pieces of equipment may even last a lifetime with proper care.

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