How To Promote Good Oral Health

Even though a visit to the dentist is not always so pleasant, the fact remains that doing so is important for top dental health. However, this is only one of the steps necessary to promote great oral habits and a healthy mouth. Both dental professionals and ordinary people are key in spreading around key information on how taking care of teeth impacts overall well-being, as well as reinforcing the steps to clean teeth and healthy gums.

Here are some ways to promote dental health in the community:

1. Have A Selfie Wall

One of the personal goals of patients when going to the dentist is to keep their smile white and beautiful. No one wants to see rotten and black teeth when they open their mouths. Dentists have always had pictures of before and after treatment in their clinic, but by encouraging the patients to take photos of their smiles after their visit, they can appreciate more the advantages of visiting the dentist regularly.

They can also encourage them to post the photos to social media, on the dental clinic’s page, where they can show off their pearly whites and at the same time, do their part in promoting oral health. It is important to keep with the trends, in this case selfies and social media, to capture the interest of today’s patients and to reach out to others more effectively.

2. Be Active Online

If people are spending more time on their computers and mobile phones, then this is where oral health promotion efforts should also be directed. The great thing about social media is that the idea of the once-aloof or scary dentist can be changed. Online, dental practitioners can show how warm and friendly they and their practice truly are. They can also post dental tips or even testimonials from patients to encourage good oral habits and regular visits to their clinic.

3. Oral Health Promotion Activities In School

When it comes to developing good oral care habits, starting as early as possible is important. Schools or communities can link young students to the dentist by inviting them over for an oral health talk or other similar activities. Interacting with dental professionals outside of the clinic might also help with patients who are anxious about sitting in the dentist’s chair.

4. Promote Healthy Eating

Part of keeping the mouth and teeth healthy is to have good eating habits. This means reducing sugary snacks and drinks, which are harmful to the teeth especially when patients do not brush their teeth afterward. In this time and age, there are healthier options for snacking that also taste good, thus promoting them may lessen cases of tooth decay and cavities.

Although years of oral health promotion have spread the word of the importance of good oral health, there are still those who do not believe that they can have tooth decay or cavities. Thus, it is vital to continue to talk about the steps to healthy teeth and mouth, specifically as part of one’s general well-being as well.