Most people think that the only way to get the strong and shapely muscles they need is to go to the gym. Truly enough, a gym has a wide array of items and tools that can get you toned and strong in no time. However, what if you have no time to go to the gym?

What if the weather is bad and you are forced to be homebound? You can still achieve results even if you are at home. You can get fitness anytime and anywhere; you just have to be focused and self-motivated. The following read will show you how.

Running or Jogging

Running and jogging is something you can do anywhere even at home. It is fairly simple to do. Just put on your running shoes and you are good to go. The great thing about running is it exercises large muscle groups in your lower body all at the same time, plus it is a cardiovascular exercise. 

Running regularly will increase your stamina and endurance, therefore your strength. If you are a beginner, you may want to run and jog at short distances. As you improve, you may want to run longer distances and increase your pace. Check out these best treadmills you can find in Australia to help you running at the comfort of your home.


This exercise is something you can do at your home and at any time. Push-ups help build upper body muscles, and you don’t need any extra equipment except your own body weight. Push-ups target your chest muscles, back muscles as well as arm muscles.

If you are a beginner, you may want to do your push-ups at an angle. As you gradually improve, you can use the floor as a starting point.


Squats are the opposite of push-ups in that they train the lower body. With squats, you can train your legs, back, and core. This exercise builds your things and makes sure that your lower back becomes stronger. Like push-ups, all you need in this exercise is your own body weight.

Things You Should Take Note Of

Forming muscles is against the body’s natural function. It may seem like a surprise, but it is true. The body does all it can so as not to form muscles.

Muscles change the body’s functioning by increasing metabolism and reducing the storage of fat; that is why the body may be against it. Fat is food and crucial to survival. Because of this, you have to train harder to gain muscle, especially if you are working out at home.

  • Train passionately – Simple exercises won’t help you gain muscle. Try to put some extra challenges in your workout routine, such as having more repetitions and more weight.
  • Do easy exercises first – If you are a beginner, do not strain your muscles and start with easy exercises first to get your body prepared for the more complex ones.
  • Use a muscle recovery tool – While training, your muscles can easily feel tired, sore and tensed. Using a recovery tool like the massage gun which is available in the Australian market might be a wise choice. It can help prepare your muscles for the next training without feeling too sore.
  • Track your workouts – Use a fitness app so you can keep count of the exercises you do and the number of repetitions you should accomplish for each exercise.

Final Thoughts

Exercise is fun at home as well as easily accessible and less time-consuming. Train the right way and be focused and passionate to achieve strength and muscles in your home fitness routines.

Emma Pyke
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