In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have realised the importance of keeping fit and its effects of strengthening the immune system, which ultimately helps the body resist viral and bacterial diseases.

And since the majority are less than enthusiastic returning to the gym to work out, people are now turning to technologically-advanced fitness smart machines to keep our heart rates up, the calories burning, and our muscles toned. But are these so-called “fitness of the future” worth the investment? Let’s find out.

Working out at home – is it possible?

There are everyday activities and chores that actually count as exercise? Taking the stairs, doing laundry, mopping the floor, vacuuming, and walking, if done in high frequency and at greater intensity can help you burn calories without you even noticing it. But for those who want more out of their time from being stuck at home, investing in fitness smart machines is more desirable.

Fitness smart machines work the same way as regular exercise equipment. The main difference between traditional and fitness smart machines is that the latter utilises the power of technology to offer you a host of workouts using a single equipment.

Connectivity features are also capabilities that fitness smart machines have and function as a guide or online trainer for individuals who need guidance in using the machine or to follow a training based on individual needs and goals.

It is possible to work out at home with or without equipment. If you easily get bored with exercise fundamentals such as planking, air squats, and push ups, and would rather use equipment for resistance and weight training, investing in a fitness smart machine for home workouts is a smart solution.

But are they worth the money and space?

Fitness smart machines are becoming more popular in recent months due to COVID-19. For reasons of boredom or a newly-renewed motivation to keep healthy and fit, smart gym solutions are now becoming commonplace in many households across the country. They serve as holistic fitness solutions that replace the function of many traditional gym equipment.

They save space and include guided training when you connect through their online portals or software systems. They are designed to suit all fitness levels, be it a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast looking for ways to maintain their fitness level at home.

While most of these fitness smart machines guarantee efficiency, space saving advantages, and results, the final outcome will still depend on its users. In essence, all smart machines work well but only with the right mindset and values.

If you have a strategy on how you can squeeze in workouts despite working from home or taking care of the family, you can optimise the use of a fitness smart machine. However, if you are not going to stay disciplined and motivated to exercise day in and day out, you might end up with a very expensive clothes rack taking lots of precious space at home.

In conclusion, fitness smart machines are worth the investment, only if you have the right mindset to ensure consistency in working out. Unless you are determined to succeed in your fitness goals, you may be wasting your money buying equipment that will rarely get used and may possibly deteriorate due to non-use.

Emma Pyke
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