Is It Possible To Burn Belly Fat Without Exercise?

If there is one thing that a lot of people are more conscious about aside from their face, it’s their belly fat.

Although it’s a lot easier to hide belly fat, it doesn’t really give you the confidence boost you need every day.

But while a lot of people recommend doing exercise, not everyone has the time for that. So if you can’t spare time for exercise, is there no chance of burning belly fat?

Research claims otherwise. Yes, exercise is important, but it is also supplementary to weight loss.

If you don’t have time to exercise, don’t feel disheartened because there are other ways to lose a few pounds. Here are some of the things you can do.

1. Get enough sleep

It might be impossible, but research shows that people who lack sleep are those who are more at risk of going overweight.

In fact, losing 30 minutes of sleep from the usual 8 hours will already increase your chances of gaining weight around your belly.

So the best way to prevent this without trying so hard is to make sure you have at least 8 hours of sleep every day following the natural circadian rhythm. This means that you sleep when the sun goes down and wake up when the sun rises.

2. Avoid junk food

This advice is as old as time. But even if it’s a staple weight loss rule, it’s still hard to do. But there are ways to cheat yourself when it comes to snacking.

If junk food is your answer to snack time, then what you can do is replace it gradually with fruits.

A banana in between meals can help regulate your blood sugar while it also promotes weight loss. You can also substitute a bag of chips with a bowl of avocado.

3. Say no to beer

Another reason why people gain weight is because they’re starting to grow a beer belly. If you are serious about losing weight, then saying no to beer should be one of the things you will start to do.

Beer bubbles are the main reason why you feel bloated after drinking and those who consume a lot of beer in a weekly basis can attest to that. Alcoholic drinks, in general, also give you the extra calories you don’t need.

4. Stick to drinking water

To complement eating less junk food is drinking more water. Water is probably the simplest drink out there but it also has a lot of benefits.

For one thing, it will save you from reaching out for the next snack. Drinking water at least 30 minutes before meals will also keep you from getting hungry therefore making you eat less during meal times.

5. Consume more fibre

And lastly, consume more fibre. Fibre can be found in almonds, fruits, kidney beans, and in a number of vegetables. It’s known to improve your digestive system, so you don’t hold food down in your belly for long. It will also help you feel fuller after a meal.