Kids are full of energy and hard to keep them locked at home without any activity. As spring comes, kids (and even adults) are more eager to bask in the sun after the long, cold winter.

Here’s the good news – there are fitness activities you can enjoy with your kids without compromising health. You can keep a safe distance from the crowd and prioritise outdoor wellness.


Wide open spaces are desirable for fitness activities for good airflow and safe distancing. You and your kids can bring your own bikes and spend the nice spring afternoons biking around the neighbourhood or public parks.

You can adjust your pace in case the area gets a wee bit crowded with other riders. Because of the dynamic nature of biking though, overcrowding is less of a problem.


What better way to spend spring than to pick cherry blossoms and explore gardening? You’d be surprised to know that gardening is a weight-loss activity.

You burn 300 calories in an hour even by doing simple tasks like trimming, raking, or weeding. Gardening is also mentally relaxing and rewarding.

You can pot easy-to-maintain plants with your kids and allow them to reap the reward of seeing the plants grow. This activity can take place in your yard so your family remains safe within your bubble.


When your state protocol allows, you can drive to a nearby campsite for the weekend. Alternatively, you can have a cosy backyard camping to avoid shared facilities.

Setting the tent, chopping wood, cooking barbecue, doing DIY carpentry, sharing stories over smores, and many other camping-related activities are fun simple outdoor exercises far from the madding crowds.


Your house may be near the botanical gardens or other easy hiking trails. Go out and enjoy the spring weather with the kids by walking or hiking. It’s nice to walk around the neighbourhood, but it’s a more holistic experience when you walk around nature.

You can never get too close to people in spacious botanic gardens or in hiking trails. You can always move away if you see people flocking around your area.

Play Backyard Rugby

Some sports facilities remain closed while pandemic-related restrictions are still in place. Even if they are open, you may still fear allowing your children to play within a shared facility.

Here’s an alternative for you – play footy, rugby, badminton, or whatever suits you in your backyard.  You can buy equipment and set up posts if needed.

For residences without backyards, the porch or garage will do, provided that you choose the kind of game you play and the level of intensity.


Fishing is a fun activity you can do with your kids at a safe distance with others, too. Check out any nearby fishing sites – ponds, lakes, bay, etc. Then buy your personal gear. If you prefer rentals, make sure you and your kids use hand gloves for protection.

There are many other things you and the kids can enjoy outdoors. You can play scavenge hunting, learn yoga together, or run with your dog.

Many public fitness facilities stay closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the beautiful spring weather and scenery. You deserve a break from the long winter months.

Emma Pyke
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