Live Longer and Avoid These 5 Processed Food

Processed foods are a staple in a lot of homes. Aside from being a lot cheaper than healthier choices, they are everywhere. You can easily get processed food delivered to your home in just a few minutes.

What are Processed Foods?

Processed foods are food that go through some form of alteration in order to be preserved through longer periods of time.

When a food is frozen, canned, dried, or baked, it can be considered as processed. However, not all canned or packed food are unhealthy.

There are foods like chopped vegetables that were just prepared in advance and packed. But these aren’t the food a lot of people consume. Instead, they eat packed food with a lot of hidden sodium and sugar.

The 5 Worst Processed Food to Eat

If you want to live healthier, then avoiding these 5 processed foods will help you step into the right direction.

1. Flavored Biscuits

The first on the list are flavored biscuits. Flavored biscuits have all sorts of flavoring in them. They also have a lot of sodium that isn’t good for your body. Even if the biscuit isn’t savory, it still uses a lot of salt in its mix.

Also, flavored biscuits offer very minimal health benefits. There are even products that don’t give any health benefit at all because of their high sugar and sodium content.

2. Granola Bars

Granola bars also made it to the list. In spite of being marketed as a healthy snack, packed granola bars aren’t as healthy as you think they are.

They are believed to give you energy for a few hours, but in order for a food to give you that, it has to have a lot of sugar in it. Plus, it has a lot of calories for a bar.

3. Instant Noodles

Instant noodles have always been part of the unhealthy snack list. By just eating it, you know that you are eating so many unhealthy ingredients. A small pack of noodles contains at least 2000 milligrams of salt.

This alone makes it a recipe for possible heart and blood pressure problems. Moreover, instant noodles don’t give any nutritional benefit except that it’s filling to eat.

4. Energy Drinks

Then there’s energy drinks. Although not exactly food, energy drinks are one of the things you should avoid if you don’t need to drink it.

Energy drinks are rich in sugar and sodium that give your body the energy it needs when it’s recovering from high-intensity activities.

So, this is only going to be healthy if you train or you exercise. But if you don’t, consuming energy drinks will just give you a lot of sugar in your system.

5. Breakfast Cereals

And to cap it all off, you have your breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals seem to be the perfect quick breakfast except that it has a lot of sugar in them.

That is why eating breakfast in the morning will make you hungry just halfway through your morning.

Also, there are breakfast cereals that use artificial food coloring that only adds to the unhealthiness of it.