Love for Food But Scared of Extra Pounds? Here are X Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

It’s just a few weeks before Christmas and everyone is preparing something for this celebration – either their gifts or their bellies because there will surely be a lot of food to eat during the holidays in the Land Down Under.

Unlike Western countries, Christmas in Australia is different. For one thing, people don’t experience winter during the holidays because of the difference in the continental area. Instead, Christmas falls during summer so the whole family is going to be present during this time.

Hence, you can expect families to whip up their best recipes and serve delicious family-sized meals. If you’re worried about gaining a lot of extra pounds, follow these tips to still keep in shape during the holidays.

Avoid Eating Salty or Sweet Snacks

Christmas is a time when there’s always cookies and other snacks. Sometimes, you won’t notice that you keep nibbling on junk food just by talking to your relatives. To avoid this, make sure that when you snack on something, it isn’t a chip full of salt or sugar. Instead, go for healthier snacks like fresh fruits.

Add a Lot of Protein into Your Recipes

If you will notice, holiday meals are always packed with carbohydrates and you know that carbs are one of the main culprits to gaining a lot of weight in just a few weeks. So to avoid loading up on carbs, load your food with protein-rich ingredients.

One example would be filling your holiday menu with meat, veggies, and beans. Eating more protein will help you manage weight gain more easily and it will also help you get leaner muscles. It’s also a known fact that protein helps reduce hunger and your tendency to keep on snacking.

Use a Smaller Plate

Aside from recipes being shown out and ornaments in full blast, you will also notice families bringing out their best china. This also means having a huge plate used especially on Christmas day. Did you know that using a larger plate encourages you to fill it? This is because a plate that isn’t full looks very empty and it looks a lot emptier when the plate itself is bigger.

So, to avoid getting pressured to fill your plate, use smaller plates. In this way, you don’t add more food than you’d like to consume.

Create a Fun Physical Family Activity

During Christmas, it’s always good to tell yourself that you will be having a “cheat month”. However, doing so will only waste all the months that you’ve spent running or lifting weights.

Aside from still visiting the gym during your usual time, you can also encourage your family to do a physical activity. You can suggest going on a trip outdoors so you are encouraged to walk and move around than usual as compared to just sitting at home drinking and eating the holidays away.

These tips sound simple, but when you are around family and friends with the holiday spirit filling the atmosphere, it can still be difficult to be mindful of your diet. Nonetheless, you can still do these just so you don’t go overboard adding so much weight over Christmas season.