Have you ever tried cycling? Did you enjoy it? If you have, then you’ll love a new player in the cycling sphere – Aquaspin.

What is Aquaspin?

Aquaspin is like your typical cycling classes, but the difference is that you’re doing it underwater. The stationary bicycles are submerged in water. What for? The water acts as resistance for your exercise making every move more effective.

Aquaspin holds group classes and it offers three different programs. Each program is filled with a high-intensity workout that has isolation exercise for your arms, legs, and abs. At the end of each workout, you will feel pumped up and strong.

Benefits of Aquaspin

Cycling alone already provides a lot of benefits. Couple that with cycling in water and you reap more benefits! What do you get from an hour of Aquaspin?

1. Burns Calories

One of the most obvious benefits is burning more calories. Compared to a regular one-hour workout, you burn three times as many calories with an hour of Aquaspin classes. The resistance the water gives forces you to push your muscles harder, making every movement significant in your weight loss journey.

2. Less Muscle Strain

Another benefit is less muscle soreness. Sure, it’s natural to feel pain after the workout but compared to regular cycling, you feel less soreness after a few days. In fact, your muscles won’t feel too sore even when you’re doing the workout thanks to the water that reinforces lactic acid circulation.

3. Safe Post-surgery Exercise and Therapy

The Aquaspin is also a zero-impact exercise. The buoyancy of the water reduces the pull of gravity on your joints. Even those with injuries or difficult in movement may find this exercise helpful. It’s also considered a good post-surgery therapy and exercise.

And finally, this exercise is a full-body workout. It’s so efficient because you target every muscle from arms to calves. Each program is designed to give enough attention to all muscle groups. In the end, you balance the strength of your arms to your legs.

Different Aquaspin Workouts

There are three programs that Aquaspin offers. These workouts target different kinds of people with different endurances.

1. Aqua Signature

This program is a 45-minute HIIT workout that has equal isolation exercise for your upper and lower body. This workout is best for beginners and those who are just looking for a full-body workout. It’s also great for toning and sculpting.

2. Aqua Endure

Just like its name, the Aqua endure lasts for 50 minutes with the focus on stretching your endurance for longer periods of time. This is a more challenging workout and it’s definitely not for beginners.

The Aqua Endure is for those whose goal is to strengthen their physical and mental strength as they go through long-duration aerobic sets.

3. Aqua Power

Aqua Power is more of a circuit training class rather than a HIIT class. Its 45 minutes are focused on power training and shorts bursts of cardio. While bordering on high-intensity, this class is for individuals who are looking for time-based exercises.