Mobile technology plays such a special role in modern fitness. Thanks to developments like wearables and smartphone apps, every movement is now being tracked. Thus, you can get a very accurate picture of how active you were during the day.

Because of this, estimates say that the digital fitness market will continue to boom, making it easier for you to achieve your health goals. Here are some of the trends that you will continue to see in the coming years.

1. Wearables And Apps

While smartwatches have been a huge game changer in personal fitness, be ready to see newer products that will monitor not only your movement, but your body’s vitals as well.

Soon enough, you might find smart running shoes or biometric headphones that help you run better or monitor your heart rate. Thus, you will be able to individualise your workout routine better.

Beyond tracking your own health and activity, these apps can also help plan your workout. For example, some help identify biking or jogging routes that fit your intended distance.

2. Virtual Reality

If you find yourself easily bored while working out in the gym, then you might find virtual reality exercise systems perfect.

Thus, instead of staring at other people sweating it out, you can see or feel yourself flying over scenic mountains or blue lakes.

Some are also designed like games, where you can receive some rewards for achieving exercise goals. These features might become common in your favorite gym before you know it.

3. Community Building

Making friends with adults is not easy, but it always helps when you have similar interests.

So whether you are looking to expand your network or searching for a workout buddy, you might find these phone apps perfect for connecting with others.

So even if you do not meet up with these people, you can connect with similar people who can help you remain motivated in your workout routine.

4. Home Workouts

While gyms are still popular, more and more people do not have the time to leave home and drive to a gym to work out when they could do the same at home and save on the travel time.

They might also be able to squeeze in some exercise while waiting for the laundry to finish or the pot roast to cook. Moreover, apps or video sharing portals like YouTube make it much easier to virtually join a fitness class.

Even without or with very minimal equipment, you can exercise at home easily.

5. Health-minded Bloggers & Influencers

Bloggers and social media influencers are doing their part in making it cool to work out again.

In a time where people should be encouraged to get off the couches or computer chairs and eat less, they play a special role in motivating people to improve their diets and increase their physical activity.

Digitalisation has truly been a positive development for the fitness industry and for all the people who need the support and help to achieve their fitness goals.

It is more than clear that the industry will continue to grow and provide better services for people, and the 5 trends listed above are just some of the ways how tech can change exercise.

Emma Pyke
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