Naturopathy: The Healing Power Of Nature

There’s a 90% chance that at least once in your life you have been sick and some friend or relative told you to try a natural approach like using homemade citrus juices or exercising. Well, you’re not alone because more and more people are starting to show interest in using natural ways to heal illnesses in the body and mind. Some of them have even tried naturopathy.

What Is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy, as its name suggests, uses natural methods to improve or heal the body, mind, and soul. This practice of medicine believes that these three aspects should be incorporated and one cannot be healed without the intervention of the others. Naturopathy started in Germany and was brought to the United States around the 1800s. Since then, this practice has combined old methods of healing with new information from modern science.

Naturopathy also focuses on prevention instead of cure. Although naturopaths agree that it is important to cure the symptoms, it is better to know the root cause and cure it instead.

Naturopathy in Australia

Naturopathy arrived in Australian shores in the 20th century. It started becoming popular in the 1970s when post-modern philosophy and freedom of choice was rampant in the country. Today, it has become one of the major complements to medicine and there are at least 5 million consultations held with naturopaths every year.

There is also a bachelor’s degree offered for those who are interested in taking naturopathy. This degree has been open since 2015.

How Does Naturopathy Work?

Naturopathy starts when you ask for an initial consultation. During this consultation, a naturopath will ask you questions regarding your health history, lifestyle, and current condition. This consultation may take more than an hour because your naturopath will want to know other possible reasons for your current illness. This will also help them get a more comprehensive view of your lifestyle.

Next, your naturopath may ask you to go through laboratory testing such as stool or blood tests for an analysis of your illness and more information gathered. After getting the results, your naturopath can plan the treatment that you need. The treatment can vary from exercises, acupuncture, and even herbal medicine.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

If naturopathy’s advantage should be narrowed down to one, that would be how it focuses on prevention rather than the cure. Although your doctor will still treat your current condition, naturopathy’s aim is to not just stop curing symptoms. Instead, it seeks to understand the root cause of your condition in order to set up prevention methods for you.

To add to that, naturopathy allows you to try other alternative therapies. If you are hesitant with traditional medicine, you can always try other forms of treatment. Besides, naturopathy is known for being a great complement to traditional medicine. Your naturopath will work alongside your doctor in order to craft a plan wherein different forms of therapy and treatment can be a good complement to your current traditional medicines.