If you are determined to add a bit of exercise to your daily routine, there are lots of ways to do so even without a gym membership or exercise machines at home.

While some people opt to do sports or go running, there are even simpler and more effective ways to work out the body at home. All you will need is space and maybe an exercise mat if you prefer.

An Easy No-Equipment Exercise

Push-ups and planks have not had the best reputation nor the credit they deserve as very powerful exercises that do not require any equipment at all. Adding these to your workout routine will deliver more than weights and crunches.

Planks, commonly known as an exercise of the abs, actually work out more than just the core. It will also improve your arm strength and contribute to the stamina of the lower body.

On the other hand, push-ups are more than just upper body exercises, because it uses muscles from the whole body including the arms, shoulders, glutes, core, back, and quads.

For a few minutes a day, you can work out the whole body at home without any exercise equipment necessary. Below are some variations of the normal push-up and plank exercises.

1. Plank To Dolphin

This is the perfect warm-up for your arms, shoulders, and core. Start in a forearm plank position, keeping your arms parallel to each other and the palms flat. Lift the hips and your back until you form an upside-down V with your body. Take a pause before lowering yourself back into the plank.

2. Push-Up

This classic version works out the abs, shoulders, and arms altogether. Start on a high plank with the shoulders higher than the wrists and the spine straight and long. Bend the elbows and lower the body, dropping to the knees if you need to. Push with your palms to straighten the arms.

3. Plank Tap

Doing some shoulder taps to your plank will help you improve stability and tone your shoulders. Start on a high plank with the feet about hip-wide apart. Tap a hand to the shoulder on the opposite side while you engage the glutes and core so that the hips stay still as much as possible.

4. Forearm Side Plank With Twist

A side plank is already difficult, but if you want something extra, then you can add a twist. Start on a side plank on the left side, the left elbow should rest on the floor below the shoulder.

Place the right arm behind the head and rotate the torso toward the floor so that the right elbow connects to the left hand. Make sure the hips do not drop and repeat on the right side.

5. Diamond Push-Up

This exercise will challenge the core while working out the back of the arms. Start from a high plank position then walk the hands together until the forefingers and thumb form the triangle.

Bend your elbows in order to bring the torso down to the floor like doing a push-up. If this is too tough, then lower the knees to the floor.

A no-equipment exercise is a perfect solution for those who have busy schedules and who have no space for fitness machines. By simply doing variations of planks and push-ups, the whole body gets worked out fully.

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