Many people fall into a lazy routine during the cold months of the year, only to struggle getting back into shape once spring rolls in.

This is completely normal and does not mean you cannot go back to being fit again. All you need to do is follow these simple tips to ease back into exercising and start burning those extra fat and calories away.

1. Take Evening Walks

When it comes to staying fit, any type of movement is better than none at all. If you find going back to a full exercise routine too much in the beginning, start off with taking evening walks around the block.

This is also a great idea after a heavy meal, so you can digest better. Walking can also be relaxing and good for your blood sugar response.

2. Go Swimming

Indoor swimming pools are perfect even when the outside temperatures drop to single digits. The best thing about it is that you do not need to wait for summer to get your body moving. Plus, it is a great exercise that involves the whole body without taxing it too much.

This means, if you have issues with weight-bearing exercises like walking, swimming is a good alternative that will not be bad for your joints. There are tons of water-based exercises (and lots of classes, too) you can try out at your local pool.

3. Get Some Morning Stretches

Stretching the muscles, especially after you just got out of bed, will definitely wake you up. This is because the muscles can relax and receive oxygen when you stretch.

It also improves your flexibility, which is great if you do yoga. Just make sure you stretch and hold the position for at least 30 seconds for maximum results.

4. Strength Training

You can easily get yourself back into the routine by starting some strength training exercises. Plus, you can do it at home.

All you need are some weights or even just some improvised tools like canned goods to lift. If you are looking to decrease fat mass and develop lean muscle, then this is the best way to do so. If you tend to get sore muscles after a session of strength training, consider using a massage gun. In Australia, you can get a variety of massage gun brands with different features.

5. Start With Good Nutrition

After indulging on those comfort foods during the winter months, it is time to once again watch out for what you eat. By just limiting your carb intake a day (and working out), you can see a huge improvement in not just your weight but how you feel about your body.

Plus, as spring comes, you will start seeing those delicious fruits like berries filling the groceries. Indulge in as many vegetables and fruits and lean proteins to fuel your body as well when you start being more active again.

Final Thoughts

Opting for a healthier and more active lifestyle during the warmer months of the year is not just for making sure you fit in your bikini again. In general, this is about staying healthy and in shape so that you feel good about your body all year round.

Emma Pyke
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