Surprising Benefits of Jump Rope: 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Jumping

When you think about the humble jump rope, you will think that it’s nothing special. Jumping rope is an easy exercise that isn’t that challenging even if you do 50 of those jumps. But did you know that it has a lot of benefits for your body? Most people didn’t think so either.

If that got you curious, you would love to know these 6 benefits of using a jump rope for working out.

6 Benefits of Jumping Rope Exercises

1. Burns a Lot of Calories

Just like burpees and jumping jacks, jump ropes are a type of cardiovascular workout. Since it focuses on cardio, you can expect it to burn a lot of calories. A 10-minute jump rope session can burn as many calories as you would when you run one mile.

The great thing about jumping rope is that it doesn’t seem that you’re running a mile because it’s relatively easy to do.

2. No-fuss Workout

Jump ropes are cheap and you don’t really need a heavy-duty or expensive equipment. They’re found everywhere, so it’s easy to get your hands on one.

If you don’t like those complicated exercises, then you’ll love jumping ropes. If you want to make it a little more complex, you can try doing some jump rope tricks to spice things up a bit.

3. Gets You Into a Rhythm

Turn on the music and jump with the beat. This is how it feels like if you jump rope. When you have an upbeat and consistent rhythm, you won’t notice how long you’ve been jumping rope. Because the movements are repetitive, you can easily go to autopilot and just jump until you feel that you’ve had enough.

4. Improves Breathing

Another benefit of jumping rope? Breathing improvements. Jumping ropes can be tiring and if you don’t know how to manage your breath, you’ll definitely run out of air.

Of course, you don’t want that. When you’re jumping rope, you have no choice but to focus on how you breathe and try to time it with how you move. In this way, you are more present at the moment.

5. Improves Body Coordination

If it’s your first time doing jump ropes, you’ll think that it’s hard to get your body to jump at that right moment when the rope touches the floor. However, a few practices can suddenly turn you into a jump rope enthusiast.

The mere focus and coordination it takes for your feet to jump and move the rope in time (and do it continuously) do a lot to train your body and brain.

6. Prevents Ankle Injuries

Ironic isn’t it? If you have no idea how a jump rope works, then you might get a light injury if you keep on tripping on the rope. However, when you get better at jumping rope, you increase your foot and ankle strength and endurance doing this exercise.

Aside from strengthening the muscles in this area, it improves your foot coordination. Better foot coordination, fewer injuries.

What are you waiting for? Get on a jump rope now!