There are many ways to work out if you are not the gym type. One of these options is indoor cycling classes. When winter hits Australia and you can no longer go for those long bike rides along the coast, you can continue this full workout indoors.

All together in a class is the best way to enjoy indoor cycling, because it is much more fun and you feel more motivated to give it your best. These exercises help you lose weight, as well as improve your strength and endurance. You can enjoy more benefits when you combine it with resistance and cardio workouts.

How Indoor Cycling Is Good For You

To enjoy the full benefits of this exercise, you will need to visit regular classes, about 3 to 6 classes a week, or a total of 150 minutes. Plus, when you join a group, you will get professional instruction and the joy of being with a group as you all sweat it out.

You Build Strength

After a few weeks of classes, you will notice your strength building up. You will need to keep up the exercises in order to do so.

You Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

If you are looking for a cardio workout without putting a lot of stress on your joints, then this is the workout for you.

You Burn Calories

You can expect to burn about 400 to 600 calories during every session. The best results are seen when you combine this workout with a low-calorie, high-carb, and protein diet.

You Get A Total Body-Workout

Indoor cycling is a full-body workout that exercises specifically these 7 areas. The core, which is important for balance, is stabilized during an indoor cycling class.

Upper body and back muscles are engaged while you support yourself on the bike. The glutes, the quadriceps, the hamstrings, and the lower legs get worked out every single time you pedal. If you opt for more resistance (like when climbing hills), you will see better results.

Finding An Indoor Cycling Class

While it is easy to get your own machine for home, joining a class has its advantages. The instructor will watch out and monitor your progress while being a group makes the exercise much more fun. The upbeat music and the lively environment is like biking outdoors with your best friends.

The most important thing is to find the right class, where you feel good with the instructors and the workout itself. Some classes combine indoor cycling with other exercises like Pilates, boxing, HIIT, and many more. Find out which is the best mix for you.

Other things to consider include the location of the classes, because a long trip might demotivate you. The budget and the frequency of the classes are other factors you might want to look into when finding the right class.


Having fun while working out is always important so that it does not feel like work. In an indoor cycling class, you can pedal your way to your fitness goals while feeling as free as when you are biking outdoors.

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