When you work for 8 hours a day, there’s not a lot of time left to do other things. Or so you think.

Most people feel that an 8-hour job and a 2-hour commute every day will take all their precious time and use this as an excuse not to exercise.

But if you knew how beneficial exercising before work is, then you might be convinced that you can always spare 30 minutes from your daily routine.

4 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

1. Prepares Your Brain for Work

When you’re not a morning person, chances are that your brain can only function at around 11 am. If your work starts at 9 am then you’ve already used up 2 hours of work without being productive.

But if you exercise in the morning, your brain will also be exercised so that it’s ready to do a lot of thinking for the day.

Of course, you will still need proper sleep and good nutrition to maximise your brainpower, but exercising before you sit in front of your desk will help you get mentally ready for the day. You will also be awake enough not to sleep on the job.

2. Produces Hormones that Make You Feel Good

If you have a boring desk job, you know how dreadful it feels to get up every day and show up for work.

But if you exercise in the morning, your body will produce endorphins that will help you feel otherwise. You will still have the same old job but exercise can help you feel better about it.

Exercise is known to release endorphins1. Endorphins are known to trigger positive feelings in a person. So increasing your endorphin level is ideal for anyone who dreads going to work in the morning.

3. Replaces Your Need for Coffee

Just like everyone else, coffee makes you feel more alive and alert. In fact, a lot of people’s days start once they’ve chugged a whole 16-oz cup of coffee. Just imagine how much sugar you take in on the first few hours of your day.

But when you exercise in the morning, your coffee consumption will definitely drop. This is because exercise makes you feel awake enough to last you until lunch.

This means no more coffee until you feel the drowsiness kick in at night. This is also a plus for those who have become dependent on coffee.

4. Encourages You to Eat a Full Breakfast

If you’re not a fan of eating a full breakfast, then you might want to rethink that especially when skipping breakfast leads to higher chances of gaining weight.

Most of the time, people think that eating a full breakfast leads to getting fat, but this isn’t the case according to health professionals.

So if you’re worried about gaining that extra fat, then you can use exercise as an excuse to eat a lot during breakfast. Having a 30-minute exercise will help you increase your metabolism while you eat a full plate of protein and carbs.

There’s a lot of benefits to exercising before going to work. That being said, you can always work around your schedule and find other best times to exercise. With these benefits, hopefully, you can start adjusting your schedule to get these health benefits.


1. Harvard Health Publishing, How does exercise reduce stress? Surprising answers to this question and more., July 7 2020

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