The Right Time of Day to Jog

Exercise is always an important aspect of keeping the body healthy and increasing lifespan. While others have the luxury to pick when they can exercise, not everyone can do that.

People who have 8-hour jobs either exercise early in the morning or late at night. Is there any difference to the time of the day you jog? Know more about it here.

The Best Time to Jog

According to research, the best time to jog is when your body temperature is at its highest. The high body heat will aid in burning fats that are essential to any exercise. When you jog, it is important that you are sweating because this is a sign that you are doing it right.

Usually, the time of the day when your body is at its highest temperature is during 4-5 in the afternoon.

Some would say that jogging until 7 pm will also do the trick. During this time, it is also ideal to exercise because you are alert enough to do the exercises.

This means that your body has warmed up over the course of the day, making it easier for your muscles, bones, and joints to move around.

While exercising during the afternoon is ideal, this does not mean that jogging during the morning is not beneficial to you. There are also other benefits to jogging during different times of the day.

Jogging in the Morning

For most people, they either jog in the morning or at night when they get back from work. However, there is also a number of people who prefer doing this in the morning simply because they’re already tired from work once they get home.

So here are some benefits to exercising in the morning:

1. A Happier Mindset

Exercising, no matter what it is, makes a person happy. According to research, exercise increases the production of endorphins which are called “happy hormones”.

They help you feel better and respond better to adversity. So if you aren’t a morning person, jogging in the morning can help you have a better attitude towards it.

2. No Coffee Dependency

Since you will be jogging in the morning, you will definitely feel a rush in your body. More oxygen and blood will be pumped to your different body parts waking everything up.

When you have your body working as early as 7 am, then you will find that you don’t need coffee to start your brain to work.

3. Starting Your Day Early

Apart from the benefits just mentioned, jogging in the morning means that you have to wake up early.

When you wake up early, you will realize that there are so many things you can do even before going to work. No more rushing to work and beating the clock.

When you jog in the morning, you get to start your day early and prep for it. You will be able to prepare your breakfast and pick your clothes without rushing to go out the door.

The calmness that happens during the morning will already help you be very ready for the day ahead.