The pandemic made the world go back to the basics, and among life’s most valued essentials are nature and fitness. Luckily, the creative tree workout program allows you to experience the best of both worlds.

The tree workout, in the simplest thought, is just you exercising using a tree. It allows you to explore the great outdoors and shed off those unwanted fats in a single activity. Learn more about the tree workout in this article.

What Preparation is Needed

You don’t need fancy equipment to start any tree workout. You only need yourself and a good sturdy tree (yes, a nice weather, too). If you want to invest in quality resistance bands, then feel free to grab some and use them in some poses.

Ensure that you are wearing proper workout clothes. Stretchy, moisture-absorbent clothes are recommended. Some routines involve leaning against the tree trunk, so get your trainers ready. The last thing you want to happen is slipping and getting injured.  Also, you may wear gloves to keep your hands protected from rough surfaces.

What Exercises to Perform

Any exercise that fits well with the tree can be incorporated to your workout program. For instance, you can do the upside-down mountain climber with the tree trunk as your wall. Stand with your back against the tree. Move five steps away (or more, depending on your desired distance).

Carefully place your hands on the ground and raise your legs. Your feet should rest on the tree well before you start lowering one leg after the other, as if you’re climbing down.

You can vary the upside-down mountain climber exercise by doing some handstand push-ups or walk-out handstand push-ups. You can also hang from the tree and perform leg lifts and chin ups.

As you work against gravity, you are increasing the intensity of your tree workout. The key here is to find a sturdy branch that’s reachable.

To avoid accidents, don’t attempt to climb up incredibly high or weak branches. You are better off testing the strength of the branch first by shaking off the branch to see if it can support your weight.

What Sort of Tree to Use

There’s no fixed type of tree for exercise. Any sturdy tree with surrounding flat terrain is okay. Sometimes, even a medium-sized tree will suffice, depending on your weight and build. If you crave for a quiet environment because you want to meditate before or after your tree workout, then find a spot away from the crowds.

Vary your routine according to the available tree. A low-lying twisted tree can be used for bench presses, modified squats, or modified burpees (jumping over the tree). Certainly, your creativity is the limit for the tree workout. A big, sturdy tree will even allow you to exercise with family and friends.

If you haven’t tried exercising outdoors with a tree, give this tree workout a chance and see how satisfying and refreshing it is. Interacting with nature instead of an equipment is a totally different experience. You get your healthy dose of vitamin D and breathe in fresh air.

Overall, it reduces stress, boosts mental performance, and improves mood. So go around your backyard or neighborhood today. Find your tree and start exercising.

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