Why Children Playgrounds are Beneficial to Your Child’s Health

As parents, you want your children to grow strong and healthy. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is through playgrounds.

Playgrounds are places where your kid can meet new friends or to practice their social and mental skills.

But the sad news is that most parents today substitute play time with screen time. As early as the age of two, babies are taught to use gadgets instead of learning how to play with others.

So to encourage you to bring your children to the playground, here are 4 reasons why it’s good for their health.

1. It encourages physical activity

The most obvious health benefit you’ll get by exposing your children to playgrounds is physical activity.

Even at a young age, playgrounds can help encourage exercise. The running and climbing help develop their muscles.

It also strengthens their bones. Part of the benefits of playing is better motor skills. This is important as children grow up.

2. It helps develop social skills

Social skills are important if you want your children to learn how to communicate with other people.

Through play time, your child will get a sense of what is right and wrong when interacting with other people.

Not only will they learn from other kids, but they will also witness how grown-ups interact.

On a deeper level, your child will learn to follow and lead other children. Spending time at the playground nurtures your child’s ability to learn respect, take turns, and to influence other people.

All these things might seem unimportant when your child is a toddler, but it will be a great help once they start going to kindergarten.

3. It nurtures cognition

Cognition refers to the brain’s ability to acquire knowledge and develop skill. It is not only limited to the child’s ability to answer math problems but also to learn how to solve other things that do not involve numbers.

Developing cognition is important so that your child will be able to learn more things. As a parent, you don’t have to force your kid to be smart right away.

Just a visit to the playground a few times a week is already a big help for them to learn a lot of things.

4. It improves mental health

It is said that children who are able to go outside more often have stronger mental health. This is because going outside and playing with other children reinforces the production of happy hormones.

At the same time, play time is a good way for them to get distracted. This means that there is less time that they’ll cry because of something you aren’t giving them.

To add to that, the fun they receive from sliding, running, shouting, climbing and even jumping on a trampoline helps to exercise their emotional endurance. This will make them less prone to mood swings and mental health issues.

At the end of the day, there is no substitute for playtime. Yes, your child can learn a lot of things from videos and children’s online games, but these are not enough to develop certain aspects of your kid.

As they grow up, it is important for parents to learn how to nurture these different aspects of health.