Walking and running are known exercises that give a lot of health benefits. But did you know that taking the stairs a few times a day can also give you the same benefits?

Climbing a flight of stairs is a type of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are known to be good for your muscles, bones, especially for your heart and lungs. These two organs are critical if you want to live a healthy life.

For one, healthy lungs will supply oxygen to your heart while the heart fills your blood cells with oxygen. This respiratory process alone makes it enough reason for anyone to consider taking the stairs than the elevator.

4 Health Benefits of Climbing a Flight of Stairs

To give you a clearer idea of what a flight of stairs does for your heart and lungs, here are four health benefits.

1. It strengthens your heart and lungs

The most important benefit of a flight of stairs is stronger heart and lungs. When you do this as an exercise, your heart increases its heartbeat. This then allows your body to have more oxygen flowing into the bloodstream.

When the heart quickens its pace, the lungs increase their intake of oxygen. This cycle, when done regularly, develops stronger organs.

2. It can serve as a low to medium-intensity workout

Not a lot of people are allowed to run long periods of time. In the same way, some people shouldn’t be doing high-intensity workouts.

If you find yourself one of those people, then you know that you should stick to low to medium-intensity workouts. Climbing a flight of stairs can be a simple workout that doesn’t strain your breathing.

So if you have asthma or you have a weak heart or lungs, the stairs is a good alternative to strenuous exercise.

3. It prevents chronic diseases

The term ‘chronic’ refers to diseases that occur over long periods of time. Some say that these diseases are not cured because they keep coming back.

But to help prevent these kinds of diseases, taking the stairs should be an everyday routine of yours.

When you do this regularly, doctors claim that it lowers the chances of you getting high blood pressure, stroke, and even diabetes.

4. It lowers the risk of getting heart disease

Heart disease is popular among adults. One way to lower the chances of getting it is by taking a flight of stairs every day. Doctors recommend that you take 2-3 floors on stairs thrice a day.

So if you’re already past the age of 40, you shouldn’t feel the need to pressure your joints by going all the way up the 5th floor of your building or higher.

All of these benefits should convince you to take a flight of stairs when you go to work. But aside from this, know that this simple exercise can do wonders for your mental health and cardiovascular system too.

So, starting Monday, why not try to take fewer rides on the elevator?

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