Strengthening your heart is an excellent way to improve not only your cardiovascular function, but also enhance your overall health. And the best way to keep your heart in great working condition is through exercise.

Studies reveal that living a sedentary lifestyle without working out makes you twice more likely to develop heart disease as someone who exercises.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart disease or you simply want to start taking care of your heart, it’s recommended to utilise aerobic exercises to get your blood running and your heart rate up for better health. Try these safe aerobic exercise routines and feel the results sooner than later.

Walk Your Heart Out

The easiest aerobic exercise and one of the most effective ways to strengthen the heart is walking. It is a safe and inexpensive way to keeping your heart fit and healthy.

If you have somewhere to go, say a trip to the grocery that is one kilometre away, ditch the car and wear your runners for that much-needed relaxing and also calorie-burning walk.

Studies reveal that walking at least 10,000 steps a day can help you lose up to 1 lb. of weight per week. Weight loss is known to have a positive impact on heart health, too.

Jump for Your Heart

Jumping jacks is one of the simplest exercise routines that you can do to improve your cardiovascular function. The movement is extremely basic, and there is no learning curve required.

At some point in your life, you’ve done a couple hundred jumping jacks. Include this exercise movement into your daily workout. It’s always best to start slow and low in terms of intensity and frequency, respectively.

Swim Your Way to a Healthy Heart

If you don’t like the feeling of sweat dripping all over the place but don’t mind being in the water, swimming is a good aerobic exercise, too. It’s a low-impact cardiovascular routine, which means your muscles and joints are not stressed while you swim.

Swimming between 15 and 30 minutes per day is proven to improve cardiovascular health and helps you keep lean without straining or sweating.

Chill with Tai Chi

More people are finding Tai Chi a good way to relax the mind and improve heart health, too. This aerobic exercise from the Far East involves slow, strategic movements combined with concentration, medication, and deep breathing.

Due to the slow and rhythmic movements, you are less likely to suffer from injury, too. The mind and body connection are utilised in Tai Chi ultimately leading to greater mobility, optimal breathing pattern, and a sound heart.

A Few Reminders before Working Your Heart Out

Although these exercises are proven effective in improving heart health and overall wellness, it’s important to remember that exercise is only one end of the equation. To enjoy excellent cardiovascular health, you need to enforce a healthy nutrition plan, too. Make sure to combine good eats and regular aerobic exercises to achieve long-term success.

So there you have it. Always remember, a healthy heart makes a happy life. 

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