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After An Injury, How Do You Return To Running?

Seasoned runners know for a fact that injuries are all part of the game. There will always be instances when your mind is willing but the body is simply not in good shape to resume your runs. So, how should you return to your normal running routine after an injury? Take it Easy If you
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Be Inspired And Live By These 4 Fitness Quotes

You need the right motivation to be successful in your fitness and exercise goals. Whether it is to lose weight or to train for a marathon, memorable quotes can provide you the drive to persevere. Inspiring words can give you that mental fuel you need to push yourself even further. Here are 4 quotes you
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Tips To Finding The Right Set Of Weights For Home Use

People who are starting on a strength training routine should consider getting weights for home use. This will help them extend their workouts from the gym to the home. However, choosing the right set of weights can be confusing. Weights all look the same. So how do you pick the right set of weights to
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Germs in Fitness Gyms: How to Keep Yourself Protected

Gyms are semi-public spaces that can turn into breeding grounds for microorganisms. The towels in the locker room may not be 100% sanitary. The surfaces of the different exercise equipment may also contain germs. A fellow gym-goer may also have a cold or other viral infection. The less-than-ideal sanitary conditions of the gym should never
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Mindful Breathing And Flexibility Through Hot Yoga

There are many different kinds of yoga catering to each person’s preferences. They have simple variations but all have the same basics of mindful breathing coupled with movements that develop flexibility, stamina, strength, and balance. Plus, it is good for both the physical and psychological well-being of a person. One of the more popular forms
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