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Love for Food But Scared of Extra Pounds? Here are X Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

It’s just a few weeks before Christmas and everyone is preparing something for this celebration – either their gifts or their bellies because there will surely be a lot of food to eat during the holidays in the Land Down Under. Unlike Western countries, Christmas in Australia is different. For one thing, people don’t experience
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How to Stay Fit with Minimal Effort

No pain, no gain. This is the mantra of bodybuilders, extreme athletes, and other people who are engaged in a lot of physical fitness and exercise activities. Regrettably, it is also one of the most dreaded concepts of individuals who are considering on achieving a more ideal level of fitness. But the good news is
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7 Important Tips of Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a lot easier during the warmer months. But as the days become colder, we often find ourselves neglecting this very important aspect in our health. To say that water is important to life is passé. Regardless, we simply cannot help but overemphasize its importance. Here are 7 very crucial tips to keep
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How to Live an Overall Healthy Life

Becoming healthy is a process. The quest towards a healthy life requires continuous efforts and enduring commitment. One has to be fully conscious about the choices he or she makes since every action and decision counts. While there is no one-size-fits-all plan on how to live healthy all throughout, most people follow common principles, summarized
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Baking Soda To The Rescue With These 6 Problems

Generation Z marks the generation of life hacks, do-it-yourself tutorials, and kitchen remedies. Where customizing is possible and where organic is available, people almost always choose such. Quite possibly, this new dynamics arises as a result of information revolution. An average Joe can easily and readily Google his way through researching about Invisalign braces or
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