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Chi Walking: Transform Your Walking Technique and Be Fit

Walking is fun and it is the most practical and easiest way to stay fit and healthy. Anyone can walk and enjoy the many benefits of this activity. However, if you try to incorporate the principles of T’ai Chi in your walking technique, you can further enhance the benefits of walking. For starters, Chi walking
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Long Flight? 6 Simple Ways to Exercise Inside a Plane

Long haul flights can have their pros and cons. For some people, being on a flight that takes them several hours to get to their destination is the closest thing they can ever get to getting uninterrupted rest. For the many travellers, however, long haul flights can exert its toll on the human body. You
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Participate in Boot Camp and Enjoy These 4 Great Benefits

There are an increasing number of Australians who are ditching their regular gym memberships for a chance to enlist in a fitness boot camp. Fitness boot camps provide a more fun and a more supportive atmosphere for everyone to achieve their health and fitness goals. For the most part of it, these fitness programmes provide
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Perfect Your Plank In 4 Ways

When it comes to strengthening the muscles of the core, planks are one of the best. This exercise, as simple as it may look, can engage the deepest layers of the abdominal muscles. It also targets the obliques and transverse abdominus muscles in a way that no conventional ab exercises can. Not only does plank
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7 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Losing weight can be a bit tricky, and there may be times you see no results despite your best efforts. Sometimes, going to the gym and eating a healthy diet might not be enough. In these cases, you might not realize it, but your metabolism might be the reason. Unfortunately, not everyone’s bodies are the
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