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5 Motivation Tricks: Love Your Summer Workout

You might have started your workout in spring to get your body bikini-ready but you should not stop just because summer is here. Your commitment to fitness and health should be your reason to continue working out even when it is very hot outside. How To Remain Motivated To Exercise During Summer Summertime in Australia
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An Overview Of The Alexander Technique

Some of the health problems that we are experiencing today are brought about by poor posture and less-than-efficient bodily movements. This is the fundamental impetus behind the creation of the Alexander Technique. Here is an overview of the educational process that people consider one of the best ways to move in a more efficient and
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Trampoline Safety: Grab These Experts’ Advices

Many Australian households and parks now have trampolines for exercise and recreational use. But research has found about 500 children who suffered injuries from the use of indoor trampoline parks in 3 states from 2012 to 2017. Injuries cover fractures, wounds, concussions, and potentially debilitating brain and spine damage due to various causes like falls,
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Get Fit with Foam Roller Workouts

The simplest things are often the most useful. Take foam rollers, for example. They are very simple, tubular tools made of sturdy foam materials. They are useful in releasing trigger points and muscle knots so you can get back to your workout with very minimal downtimes. Foam rollers are also great for increasing flexibility and
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After An Injury, How Do You Return To Running?

Seasoned runners know for a fact that injuries are all part of the game. There will always be instances when your mind is willing but the body is simply not in good shape to resume your runs. So, how should you return to your normal running routine after an injury? Take it Easy If you
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