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How To Prevent Knee Pain During Indoor Cycling

Australia joins the list of countries with the highest number of sports injuries. In the same breath, its knee reconstruction injuries have remarkably risen by roughly 70% within the young age group in the past decade and a half. Cycling is a common source of knee injury, besides athletic sports. This then ignites the interest
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Gym Can Be Expensive and Time Consuming: Check Out Home-based HIIT

People conveniently associate exercise with regular gym sessions, high-tech physical centers, and prodding personal instructors as the media so successfully sells. But really, exercising at home is just as effective as sweating out in a pricey Sydney fitness center. You don’t even need full license to start crafting a personalized fitness program. There are tons
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Is It Possible To Burn Belly Fat Without Exercise?

If there is one thing that a lot of people are more conscious about aside from their face, it’s their belly fat. Although it’s a lot easier to hide belly fat, it doesn’t really give you the confidence boost you need every day. But while a lot of people recommend doing exercise, not everyone has
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Tabata Training: Everything You Need to Know

If low-intensity workouts aren’t showing the results you want to see, then try Tabata training. Tabata training is another kind of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that only takes up 4 minutes of your time. If this got you interested, then here’s all you need to know. What is Tabata Training? Unfortunately, Tabata training didn’t start
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Breathing Workout for Brain and Heart Health

Proper diet and nutrition have always been known to help the brain and the heart to be healthy. But apart from these two things, there are other ways that can help strengthen these vital internal organs. One way is doing a breathing workout. A breathing workout is essentially any series of breathing techniques that are
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