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Get More Exercise Done In Less Time With Supersets

If you are an avid gym-goer, you might have been aware of supersets, but haven’t taken advantage of this method just yet. Superset workouts have been a staple for many muscle buffs through the years. Many praise this method since it is a great way to burn fat and build muscle without spending plenty of
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Flexibility Exercises: The Dos and Don’ts

Flexibility exercises or stretching is one of the four workouts included in a healthy exercise routine. The other three are balance, strength, and endurance. For total flexibility, stretch your hamstring, hip, thigh, chest and shoulder, bicep, triceps, and upper back. This will allow you to move fast and freely as well as improve your posture.
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Fight Corona Virus With These 4 Fitness Tips

The coronavirus disease 2019, also known as COVID-19, has caused panic in many countries around the world. It originated from Wuhan, China where thousands have become seriously ill and many died. It spread rapidly as people who came into contact with persons who got the disease were also infected. COVID-19 can be deadly when it
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Warming Up and Cooling Down Reduces The Risk of Injury

Warming up and cooling down are important parts of a workout. They help regulate your heart rate and they also prevent injuries. However, not everyone is a fan especially because they think it’s just the workout that matters. Read on to know more about why a warm-up or a cool-down can change your workouts. Why
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Discover the Relationship between Eating and Exercise

If your goal is to be at your fittest, you need to gain an excellent understanding of the relationship between eating and exercise. These two are the primary building blocks of optimum health, and therefore, should complement each other for you to get the best results. In this article, we will give you pointers that
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