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8 Global Health Threats: Prevention Tactics and Solutions to Keep You Healthy

While life expectancy has increased in the last decades, there are still threats out there that remain. Not everyone gets to live up to 80 years with great health and unfortunately, without addressing these risks, there can be millions of lives at stake. Some of these threats may be due to uncontrollable circumstances like pandemics
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Weight Training vs Cardio: Which is Best for Getting Rid of Fat?

Australians aiming to lose fat effectively are baffled between the two popular workout programs. Cardio or weight training, which one should you choose? Well, the short and long answer is “it depends”. This article won’t declare which program is better but will guide you about the factors you need to consider. Faster Active Burning Rate
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Aquatic Therapy: Treating Injuries Safely and Effectively

You don’t have to be an athlete to get injured. Injuries are so commonplace that anyone can have it with just a small misstep. There are many ways to treat injuries but aquatic therapy is one of the most effective. Learn more about this kind of treatment and what it can do to your injuries.
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5 Weird Wellness Practices That Actually Work

Getting enough rest is one of the most overlooked things today. It seems that catching your breath and unwinding has become a sin in a world where being busy is given a premium. In the Western part of the world, people take pride in being busy thinking that it’s one of the things that show
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Enjoy These 5 Midnight Snacks That Prevent You From Gaining Weight

When you’re burning the midnight oil, a snack can help you get through the night or to quench that rumbling tummy. While it’s obvious that you shouldn’t eat a meal during this time, you are still supposed to eat something so that your stomach doesn’t produce acid once you sleep. But what are the snacks
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