Best Exercise Bike Australia

Have you been searching for “best exercise bike Australia” in Google?

Buying the best exercise bike for you may not be easy since there are plenty of stationery bikes to choose from. Each of these comes with its own unique type of resistance to simulate the realistic feel of riding a bicycle. Different types of exercise bikes also confer different benefits. There are those that are specific for losing weight while others pay special attention to improving overall training performance.

Whatever your goal is I am confident that my take on the best exercise bike reviews in Australia will open many doors for you. By the end of this buying guide, you’ll be able to determine the type of exercise bike that you’ll want to bring home.

Best 4 Exercise Bikes to Buy in Australia 2020

ImageBrand & ModelTypeMax Load CapacityRatingWhere to Buy

Proflex XB2 Exercise Bike

Upright110 kg9/10Check Price on Amazon AU

LSG Exercise Bike Recumbent Bike

Recumbent200 kg8.5/10Check Price on Amazon AU

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent136 kg8/10Check Price on Amazon AU

TechSport Spin Exercise Bike

Upright120 kg7/10Check Price on Amazon AU

1. Proflex XB2 Exercise Bike Review

The ProFlex XB2 X-Bike Exercise Bike is a space-saving stationary bike that comes with robust body construction in a sleek and sexy design. It is one of the most striking stationary bikes you’ll ever see and use. As compact and portable as the X-Bike is, I find its magnetic resistance levels to be wanting.

Why I Choose It


Things to Consider

8-Level Magnetic Resistance

For most individuals, being able to adjust the resistance up to 8 different levels is enough to help them get the kind of exercise that they need. Not for me.

Sure, it comes with a 3-piece crank system but this doesn’t give me the guarantee that I can optimise my training sessions. I just like to push myself with a good cardio workout before I start my day.

Also, it doesn’t come with the heart rate monitor but considering its price, I can’t complain.


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2. LSG Exercise Bike Recumbent Bike Review

Why I Choose It


Things To Consider

No Setbacks Noted

Again, I am stumped with the lack of drawbacks. This is a good thing though because if you have this one on your list as an option, you must consider this fitness bike. It has awesome things on it from a reliable magnetic resistance system to its sturdy construction.


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3. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Review


Why I Choose It


Things To Consider

The Bike Does Well

No cons whatsoever because this model works as expected, except that this recumbent bike doesn’t come with the pulse/heart rate monitor. I must say this is another solid recommendation for a recumbent fitness bike.


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4. TechSport Spin Exercise Bike Review


Why I Choose It


Things To Consider

A Basic Fitness Bike

There are various types of spin bikes. This bike model actually works great as a starter exercise bike for those who want to test the waters first and find out what they need in such devices.

This upright model doesn’t have complicated features and is straight up a utilitarian, foldable model that will easily satisfy the needs of beginners. It suits people who want to lose weight, boost their activity level or enhance their fitness level.

If you want to check your heart rate during exercise, unfortunately it doesn’t have such feature.

Having said that, this is a great workout bike for people who have limited space for bigger exercise bikes at home.


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