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Best Exercise Bike Australia 2022

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Have you been searching for “best exercise bike Australia” in Google?

Buying the best exercise bike for you may not be easy since there are plenty of stationery bikes to choose from. Each of these comes with its own unique type of resistance to simulate the realistic feel of riding a bicycle. Different types of exercise bikes also confer different benefits. There are those that are specific for losing weight while others pay special attention to improving overall training performance.

Whatever your goal is I am confident that my take on the best exercise bike reviews in Australia will open many doors for you. By the end of this buying guide, you’ll be able to determine the type of exercise bike that you’ll want to bring home.

Best 4 Exercise Bikes to Buy in Australia 2022

Image Brand & Model Type Max Load Capacity Rating
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100 kg

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180 kg

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136 kg

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110 kg

Image Check Price
Brand & Model Lifespan Fitness Exer-58 Exercise Bike


Max Load Capacity

100 kg

Rating 9/10
Image Check Price on Amazon AU
Brand & Model Endurance Recumbent Exercise Bike


Max Load Capacity

180 kg

Rating 8.5/10
Image Check Price on Amazon AU
Brand & Model Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike


Max Load Capacity

136 kg

Rating 9/10
Image Check Price on Amazon AU
Brand & Model Proflex XB2 Exercise Bike


Max Load Capacity

110 kg

Rating 8/10

1. Lifespan Fitness Exer-58 Exercise Bike Review

Why I Choose It

Heavy Duty Magnetic Flywheel

The magnetic flywheel allows you to maintain a smooth and steady ride that provides a better workout every time. The weight is just right because it provides optimum inertia, consistent tension and resistance that suits all types of workout.

Variable resistance

Choose from 8 levels of manual resistance in a simple turn of the dial. Now, you can easily change the difficulty of your workout without any hassles.

Adjustable seat

Whether you are tall or short, this Exer-58 indoor bike is the right fit for your body. You can easily adjust the seat with its adjustable saddle positions so you will find the right comfortable riding position no matter what size you are. It suits riders up to 190 cm tall.

Easy to read LCD

Get to know your progress with its easy-to-read LCD display. It shows the speed, distance, time, RPM, odometer, and even your pulse rate and calories burn. This is one feature that I appreciate more because it makes you want to work out more as you get to know your fitness progress!

Pedalling Efficiency

I like the fact that the pedals have high grip and has easy adjustable straps. It helps in securing my feet while working out. Added to that, it increases the pedalling efficiency because it has a 3-piece crank that has the ability to increase the power as you pedal.

Quiet Drivetrain

Enjoy the smooth and quiet bike ride with its belt drivetrain that is paired with the magnetic flywheel system. This makes it really ideal as a home exercise bike.

Things to Consider

Great Value for Home Use

The Lifespan Fitness Exer-58 Exercise Bike is a great buy considering that it is also the most affordable indoor exercise bike in the market. Aside from its affordability, you get to be assured that this exercise bike is a quality fitness equipment that has durable materials and equipped with innovative technology.

Aside from its outstanding features, you can also keep yourself entertained because you can use your iPad, tablet or read your book while working out. The upright bike also has a heavy-duty steel frame and transport wheels for easy storage and mobility. And of course, assembly is smooth and easy-peasy!

2. Endurance Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Why I Choose It

Comfortable back support

One of the best features I found with the Endurance Recumbent Exercise Bike is the seat itself. It has a very comfortable back support that it almost feels cozy to sit on especially if you plan to watch television while you take up the benefits of indoor cycling. The actual seat’s height can be adjusted with knobs underneath.

8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance

This bike uses magnets to adjust the resistance you will use for your exercises. The most intense level isn’t that difficult to do, so you can expect to have light exercises with the Endurance Recumbent Exercise Bike.

Easy-to-use control panel

The Endurance Recumbent Exercise Bike makes it a point to keep its control panel simple and easy to use. There are only three buttons there along with a large LCD screen that shows your speed, pulse rate, and calories burned.

Heavy-duty frame

For stationary exercise bikes, it’s important that the materials and the frame are sturdy. What’s great about the Endurance recumbent bike is that it’s very heavy, about 45 kgs. This is a sign that it will be secured to the ground even when you increase your speed with the pedals.

Simple equipment assembly

It might not look like it, but the Endurance Recumbent Exercise Bike is very easy to assemble. It only took me less than 15 minutes to set it up and there weren’t any loose screws or extra parts that will confuse you. It also comes with an instruction manual to help you out.

Things To Consider

No Setbacks Noted

The Endurance Recumbent Exercise Bike is an excellent stationary bike for those who want to focus more on comfort. It’s very helpful if you love watching or using your phone while you exercise. Thanks to the comfortable bike seat, you will barely notice that you’re exercising save for the weights that your feet are pushing.

Overall, the Endurance bike is a great find and it’s the best recumbent exercise bike you can find in Australia. It’s affordable and durable. All the materials used are sturdy and high-quality.

3. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Why I Choose It

Simple Assembly

The Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike comes partially assembled out of the package, which means you still have to put together several parts of the fitness bike. However, this is not a difficult task since you will be guided by its helpful manual and tools—the booklet has detailed instructions and also comes with illustrations.

Smooth Magnetic Resistance

This Marcy recumbent fitness bike focuses on magnetic resistance, considered to be the most effective resistance type for exercise bikes. The bike comes with a magnetic wheel which has a tension adjustment knob offering 8 resistance levels. With this type of resistance, you can also get the best level that suits your strength and workout intensity.

Digital Tracking Panel Feature

This recumbent model is designed with an LCD monitor so users can keep track of the time used, distance, speed, pulse and calories burned during the workout. All these data you can check out with just one press of a button. To make this one work, it needs two AA batteries to operate.

Comfortable Fitness Bike

With this bike, you can easily adjust the position of your seat—it can be moved back and forth easily to suit which cycling position is more comfortable for you. The seating and backrest of the bike are also nicely-padded for further comfort during your workout. Moreover, this adjustable seat feature also makes for easier modification of stride length. This means less aches, stress and even saddle sores on your person. For a firmer grip, the handles of the bike are sufficiently cushioned as well. We all expect to sweat a lot during workouts but its handles offer good grip even with perspiring hands so you won’t slip off in the middle of the most intense cycling routines. Its pedals come with wider straps for secure footing and it can accommodate bigger shoe sizes, too. Moreover, this adjustable seat feature also makes for easier modification of stride length. This means less aches, stress and even saddle sores on your person. For a firmer grip, the handles of the bike are sufficiently cushioned as well. We all expect to sweat a lot during workouts but its handles offer good grip even with perspiring hands so you won’t slip off in the middle of the most intense cycling routines. Its pedals come with wider straps for secure footing and it can accommodate bigger shoe sizes, too.

Things To Consider

The Bike Does Well

No cons whatsoever because this model works as expected, except that this recumbent bike doesn’t come with the pulse/heart rate monitor. I must say this is another solid recommendation for a recumbent fitness bike.

4. Proflex XB2 Exercise Bike Review

The ProFlex XB2 X-Bike Exercise Bike is a space-saving stationary bike that comes with robust body construction in a sleek and sexy design. It is one of the most striking stationary bikes you’ll ever see and use. As compact and portable as the X-Bike is, I find its magnetic resistance levels to be wanting. This is also an affordable exercise bike.

Why I Choose It

Sleek, Sexy, and Space-Saving Design

One of my favourite aspects about the ProFlex XB2 stationary exercise bike is its design. Conventional exercise bikes come with the typical housing for the flywheel plus a frame that is as straightforward as any other bike on the road. The X-Bike frame follows the shape of an “X” with one diagonal taking on a slight “S” curve. It’s one of the sexiest and the slimmest indoor cycling bike I know. Because of its signature X-shape frame, the upright bike can easily fold to occupy a mere 36 cm of space. Its original footprint requires 92 cm. This is what I admire about the XB2. It’s so slim that I will not have to worry about it taking too much space in my house.

Super-Quiet Operation

The ProFlex X-Bike comes with an 8-level magnetic resistance design. What you may not know is that it operates without ever creating a distracting noise. It’s super-quiet that you’ll think it is not running at all. I find this helpful since I can focus on my favourite music as I pedal my way - quite a smooth ride.

Sturdy Construction

The XB2 is super-sexy. I didn’t think that it can hold me as I weigh a little over 80 kg. The manual says that the XB2 can accommodate individuals weighing up to a maximum user weight of 110 kg. It’s not as strong as the others in the market, but it is enough for most average-sized people.

Things to Consider

A Basic Fitness Bike

This spin bike model actually works great as a starter exercise bike for those who want to test the waters first and find out what they need in such devices. This upright exercise bike model doesn’t have complicated features and is straight up a utilitarian, foldable model that will easily satisfy the needs of beginners, people who want to lose weight, boost their activity level or enhance their fitness level.

This is also a great workout bike for people who have limited home gym space for bigger exercise bikes at home.

Also, it doesn’t come with the heart rate monitor but considering its price, I can’t complain.

Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

Whether your purpose is to lose weight, be healthy, or if you are riding to train for a race, then this is the best way to do it. Exercise bike offers a lot of benefits that will certainly make you want to ride inside the comfort of your home more often.

Let us see the benefits you can achieve from indoor cycling in the comfort of your own home gym:

  • Building mental endurance

Many may find asking how can a piece of exercise equipment like this build mental endurance when you are riding monotonously for about 30-45 minutes? On the contrary, exercise bikes help a lot with cardiovascular fitness while getting a full body workout. This is because it keeps you focused on what you are doing. You can concentrate on your breathing and timing and can feel almost anything while biking because there are no distractions around.

Additionally, studies show that using exercise bikes helps in developing your cognitive function, attention, and memory. Good hormones are released while exercising which makes your brain function properly and attentively.

  • Provides low impact exercise

Because exercise bikes are good for all ages, even those who have just went through a surgery or going through physical therapy can enjoy its benefits. With the adjustable features in your bike, you will be able to exercise without injuring yourself. What’s more, it can be a part of your recovery exercise as well.

Furthermore, biking is easy on your heart and joints. Unlike other forms of exercise that are exhausting and may cause some injury, this is the best option especially if you are looking for an exercise that is easy to perform.

  • Time saver

Instead of going outside and looking for a place where to go on biking, an exercise bike will save you time. There’s no need for you to bike for an hour or two just to get a whole-body workout. You won’t even have to fuss about what to wear or what to bring – you simply ride your bike. Adjust the controls according to the preference you need, and you are on your way to giving your body the workout it needs.

Exercise bikes are also ideal especially for those who have children. Not only will you be able to keep an eye on them while working-out, but you don’t need to hurry just to finish your routine.

  • Provides a safer environment

While biking outside can be refreshing and fun, do not forget that there might be unexpected dangers that you may encounter like slippery roads, rough roads, and even accidents. Bikers mostly go out at the break of dawn, which can pose danger because it is still dark outside. You can’t deny the fact that some accidents happen in the dark like accidentally getting hit by a car or worse, getting mugged while riding.

Using your exercise bike provides a safe environment. You can ride your bike any time of the day and regardless of what the weather is outside.

  • Practical and faster

Unlike other gym equipment that needs a lot of space, your exercise bike can easily fit anywhere because it occupies a minimal amount of space. Most of all, there are different work-out routines to choose from so it is faster to get into your routine right away.

Buy Guide: Things to Take Note Before Purchasing an Exercise Bike

These are just some of the benefits that you can achieve from using an exercise bike. If you have decided to own one, here are some of the considerations you need before buying:

Types of exercise bikes

In the past years, exercise bikes have gone through different changes and there are different exercise bikes available in the market to suit your every need. Take a look on the popular ones:

  • Spin bike: referred to as indoor exercise bikes, spin bikes replicate the feeling of an outdoor bike. You can change the resistance by shifting the gears and height of the seat.
  • Upright exercise bike: as the name implies, the upright position of the bike allows you to lean a bit forward and work on your hamstrings and glutes. It is closely similar to the basic stationary bike and a good entry-level exercise bike. It is simple and easy to use.
  • Recumbent bike: this is the most recommended type of exercise bike for those undergoing rehab and for seniors as well. It has an open design that allows you to get in and out of the bike easily. It has an adjustable seat that helps reduce the strain on your lower back.

Resistance level

The resistance level of the exercise bike should allow you to adjust the intensity of your desired workouts.

If you are using a mechanical system, the resistance level can be changed using an adjustment wheel. Magnetic exercise bike, on the other hand, uses the bike’s built-in console to change the resistance level.

Ease of comfort

Your exercise bike should be comfortable use. Make sure that it has a comfortable seat and pedals that fit your feet.

Check the flywheel as well. A flywheel is the heart of your exercise bike and takes the place of the wheel. It is located at the front of the bike. It is a thin metal wheel that spins around as you cycle.

Essentially, having a heavier flywheel will provide a more stable, smooth, and comfortable ride. On the other hand, a light flywheel has less smooth cycling action and can be harder for the bike to maintain its momentum when being used.

Portability and size

Size matters when it comes to your exercise bike. It is important to consider what size to purchase especially if you don’t have enough space in your house. Portability is also essential because you want to make sure that you can move your exercise bike around the house effortlessly.

Look for foldable exercise bikes or those that have built-in wheels for easier storage and movement.


Choose exercise bikes that are stable and sturdy. You should be able to get on and off easily and make your work-out routine hassle-free and safe.

Make sure that the flywheel and chain are enclosed especially if you have children at home.


Of course, consider how much you are willing to spend on the exercise bike you will purchase. Take the time to think about your needs and what suits you best. Consider what features you need most, the size, and even the type of exercise bike because these will affect the price of the model you choose.

Added features

Exercise bikes nowadays have a lot of awesome features that will take your exercise or training to the next level. You can choose from bikes that have advanced programming and display monitors that can show your speed, RPM, calories burned, heart rate, and the like.

Additionally, they are now “smart” as they can be programmed using tablets, computers, and even smartphones. Your workout can be structured according to your preference and allows you to change your training program easily.

FAQs on Exercise Bikes

What is the best exercise bike for home use?

The best exercise bike for home use still depends on the range of different factors that include the type of bike, how often will you be using it, and the money you will be spending on it. To ensure that you choose the right bike that suits you, it is important to look around and compare different models.

Additionally, you can check different reviews including the buying guide seen in this article. Here you will be able to find the things you need to consider when looking for the exercise bike works well for you.

Is riding an exercise bike good as walking?

Riding an exercise bike is even better than walking. Compared to walking, riding your exercise bike can burn up to 200 calories for at least 30 minutes. This number varies and can even get higher depending on the resistance of your bike.

Hence, if you are trying to meet certain fitness goals like weight loss, choosing to ride your exercise bike is much better than walking because there are many exercise routines you can perform with it.

How long should you spend on an exercise bike?

If you are a beginner, you can start by riding the exercise bike for about 20 minutes. As you progress, you start adding 5 minutes more with 3 minutes as your baseline and 2 minutes on a harder level. Repeat doing this for a week until you feel comfortable.

As you get comfortable, you can add in another 5 minutes until you bring up your total time to 30 minutes. By the time you are doing a 30-minute riding workout, you are already achieving the minimum recommended time of exercise each day and can slowly add more time to your routine.

If you are having rehab due to an injury, your therapist will give you a routine that will suit your needs. This may mean that you will be doing a shorter duration on the exercise bike but at different times throughout the day.

Which is better for exercise bike or treadmill?

When trying to compare which is better between an exercise bike or a treadmill, there are different factors to be considered. Not all exercise equipment is created alike. Hence, you must define what your body needs to decide which suits you best.

To know which is better for you, let me break down their differences.

Exercise bikes are a lighter way to workout your cardio. Because they have seats, it spares the joints from possible injuries but still provides an effective workout for your calves, glutes, and thighs.

They are easy to use and accessible to everybody, from beginners even with professional athletes. They help strengthen muscle and lose weight. It is compact and can even fit in smaller spaces.

On the other hand, treadmills are considered as “natural” cardio equipment because the movement can be performed even if you don’t have the home gym equipment itself.

They are the most complete and effective way to strengthen your heart and lungs. They help in burning a lot of calories and helps in toning your muscles and even tighten your abs.

Eventually, you as the user, will decide which of these machines will give you the outcome that you desire.

Can you lose weight by riding an exercise bike?

Yes, riding an exercise bike is a good option when you want to lose weight. It helps in burning calories depending on the intensity of your workout and body weight. Studies show that you can burn around 260 calories on a 30-minute workout using your exercise bike regularly.

You can program your exercise bike with different workout routines to help you lose weight. Here are some routines you can try on your exercise bike:

  • Steady ride: this routine can help build cardio endurance, burns fats, and calories. Ride for about 15-60 minutes at a steady pace while listening or watching your favourite music or movie every day. This can also help you built your fitness until you are ready to take on advanced bike routines.
  • Hill climb: if you want a challenging routine, start first with a steady warm-up then gradually increase the level of difficulty in 5-minute increments. This will help you burn more calories as you try to pedal at a regular pace.
  • Speed intervals: if you have already built your fitness, you can boost your stamina and strength using this routine. Warm-up first with a steady-state then increase your pace starting with a 2-minute interval. Pedal faster for 2 minutes then return to your regular pace for 2 minutes. Repeat the process for about 15 to 30 minutes and finish it off with a cooldown of 5 minutes.
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