Stay Home and Be Healthy – Winter Regimen for the Elderly

Staying home can be a boring prospect, even for elderly people. However, the cold season forces everyone to stay home to avoid getting winter chills.

The cold season is a time to be indoors, and people only go out for absolutely necessary errands. It is especially dangerous to walk outside because of the wet and slippery streets.

If you are an elderly, you should especially take care of yourself and be mindful of what you wear whenever you find it necessary to go outside. As an elderly, you can tide over this winter unscathed by following a few practices.

Flu Shots

The winter season is the time for colds and flu so it is important to get protection at this time of year. A flu shot can keep you from getting this disease and also prevents you from spreading it. If you ever get flu after a flu shot, the symptoms will be vastly reduced, thus protecting your health.

Get the Right Footwear

There are many reasons to go outside during the winter, and you will find that it may be necessary. From going to the grocery to fulfilling your appointment with your doctor, you may find it necessary to step out of your house and face the cold winter chill.

However, you should take note that slipping and falling are more probable during the winter. It is crucial that you have well-fitting shoes with a good sole grip. Bring along your cane and walker for extra stability or call a neighbor or friend to walk with you in these winter outings.

Have a Social Life

You may just be more inclined to sleep during the season where days are short and cold. However, do not give in to feelings of drowsiness and join in the activity and fun. Get your family to visit you and have a family gathering.

You can also join exercise events specially designed for the elderly such as an indoor walking club or attend programs initiated by your local community. There are so many ways to stay active during the winter season, and you only need to join in on them.

Preparation is Key

Part of maintaining good health in the winter is having a well-functioning home. A home that is prepared for winter challenges can keep you from having accidents and other unfortunate events. Your home must be prepared for power outages and water shortages, which can happen during the winter.

Have enough blankets ready to protect you from cold nights. Coordinate with family members on how you can have your home prepared. Make sure you have enough medication to last you through the winter.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands thoroughly is one of the most effective ways of mitigating the spread of bacteria. Make sure you have a hand sanitizer ready in your purse or pocket at times when you feel you have touched something dirty or infectious.

A hand sanitizer can especially keep cleaning your hands effortless because it doesn’t require water.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy the winter season without getting sick. Follow some precautions and healthy habits to stay happy and safe. Maximize your time with loved ones and the community by joining the activities.