People conveniently associate exercise with regular gym sessions, high-tech physical centres, and prodding personal instructors as the media so successfully sells. But really, exercising at home is just as effective as sweating out in a pricey fitness centre.

You don’t even need full license to start crafting a personalised fitness program. There are tons of available guides and tutorials online for anyone’s grab.

The infamous high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that appears complicated to first-timers is very much doable in the comfort of your living room.

If you’re keen on starting to shed off the unwanted fats your own way, here’s a quick guide to a home-based HIIT you can start whenever you’re ready.

Clock in your HIIT hours

Keeping track of your time is essential since overdoing the regimen can wear your body out. Spare at least 15 to 25 minutes a day for your home-based workout. HIIT programs vary according to difficulty level. A good ten minutes every day for starters already produces results.

Invest in equipment

While many exercises are performed without equipment, investing in kettle bells and dumbbells is a good idea. With whatever set of exercise you choose, give power to every moment. The effectiveness of HIIT programs largely depends on the person’s intensity exerted.

Choose your program according to body needs

Instructors have put out different HIIT sets for your choosing. If you have least 24 minutes a day to spare, you can perform a recommended circuit of butt kicks, jump squats, burpees, mountain climbing, and variations of lunges like side or jumping lunges.

Every exercise is to be performed vigorously for 45 seconds, and then the rest of the 15 seconds is for breaks. Repeat the circuit twice or thrice.

You can vary your exercises depending on your target areas

A cycle of burpees, squats, and sit-ups is great for core training. Each must be done for a quick 20 seconds with 10-second resting gaps. If you target leg strength training, an option of combined knee tucks, high knees, squat jumps, and reverse burpees might work well.

Or if arms are areas of concern, you may do a set of planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, and wall squats. Mixing and varying the movements are perfectly fine, so long as continuity and fluidity are intact.

Due to the flexibility of the program, busy professionals or homemakers can enjoy the benefits of HIIT even with just 10 minutes a day of execution.

Shorter cycles will do well for beginners or lighter bodies. Remember that not all are cut out for longer bouts of high-intensity workouts. Learn to listen to your body and identify the right program to undertake.

The benefits of HIIT include weight loss, stronger stamina, increased strength, better metabolism, and most importantly improved cardio health. It’s a massive hit across countries that nearly every corner offers an HIIT instructor at a price.

Thanks to the rise of inbound marketing, many fitness experts write about their recommended HIIT programs online. Some even offer videos for easy learning.

Give home-based HIIT a try. It’s fairly manageable and safe. Plus, it will save you hundreds of dollars.