Massage guns become the go-to tools of athletes and fitness buffs for easing muscle pain and facilitating recovery post-workout. However, are all massage guns the same? Plenty of people interested in the device are wondering if cheaper alternatives are as good as high-end ones. In this article, we are going to delve more into this topic.

Same Purpose, Different Quality

All massage guns have the same purpose – to ease muscle pain and accelerate recovery. However, high-end ones are quite different from more affordable options. Here are some essential attributes that make high-end options different from low-cost ones.

Battery Life

Massage guns are designed for convenience so they are cordless, which means batteries play a big role in their operation. High-end ones have longer-lasting battery life compared to affordable models. It is more worthwhile to invest in a massage gun that has a battery life of 6 hours, at the least and is also quick to recharge to get its full benefits.

Power and Speed

Power and speed are factors that you need to look for when choosing the best massage gun for you. These attributes will reveal the intensity of the massage it delivers. The best ones provide sufficient power and speed to better tackle muscle pains without making them worse. There’s really no need to use excessive power and speed on such issues since this will make massage gun use uncomfortable.

Head Density and Amplitude

Head density and amplitude are aspects that can add up to the price of a massage gun. Amplitude for the matter refers to the capability of a massage gun to go deeper into pained muscles. High-end ones rank better when it comes to those factors since these expensive units deliver a bigger rate of movement for a deeper massage.

While you can reproduce this feeling with a budget massager by pressing it harder on affected areas, it will not deliver the same effect as high-end ones.


The best massage gun offers a variety of speed, directional selections and intensities – this guarantees that you can use the device to tackle a good variety of muscle groups. All those additional features though add up to the price of the device.

If you think those extra features on high-end ones are not essential to your muscle pain problems, be aware that there are still low-cost options out there that can give plenty of bang for your buck. Read on and discover better affordable alternatives in this post.

How Does A Cheaper Massage Gun Compare To A Pricier One

All of us want to get the most out of our money so we look for great alternatives that are within our budget. But are cheaper massage guns any good? The old adage “you get what you pay for” especially rings true in this regard.

How does a cheaper massage gun compare to a more expensive one? Budget options these days are fairly strong and sturdy in terms of built. There are even cheaper models that are not as noisy as some high-end ones.

However, the most common complaint around cheap massage guns is battery life. Low-cost units do not hold a charge for a respectable length of time and will require replacement following regular use.

Budget massage guns deliver good percussive action and power. However, they’re not really on par with high-end ones, which are crafted from first-rate materials.

But it does not mean you have to give up on your search for budget alternatives since there are affordable options that can still provide satisfying percussive power and intensity.

Which Massage Gun Dominates The Market Currently?

The most talked-about massage gun today is the Theragun G4 Pro. The brand says the model helps to improve muscle recovery, ease the soreness of the muscles while at the same time, releasing tension and stress. It is loaded with features, several of which are exclusive to the unit.

Theragun G4 Pro Features

  • QX150 Motor with Quietforce Technology
  • 6 head attachments
  • Patented triangle grip
  • Adjustable rotating arm
  • OLED screen with a force meter
  • 2 batteries with 150-minute battery life
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Smart app integration
  • 31 Kg. weight

The Theragun G4 Pro is quite easy to use thanks to the included detailed instructions and information – the brand does not scrimp when it comes to such matters so you can really take advantage of its features. You can get the info you need not only from the user manual but the Therabody app and official website as well.

One of the more distinctive features of the unit is its patented triangular handle with ergonomic design. Thus, those hard-to-reach spots will be easier to access without putting too much pressure on your arm and hands. The rotating arm also helps in getting the right angle for specific jobs.

The Theragun G4 Pro was meant to deliver deep tissue massages and it ranks high in this regard thanks to its powerful amplitude and suitable stall force.

The brand also improved battery matters by providing the unit with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Each battery offers 150 minutes of battery life and also comes with an accompanying charger.

This model is for people who lead a highly active lifestyle – athletes and serious fitness buffs. However, if you only need a relaxing massage, its power and intensity might put you off. You have to look for a suitable massage device that can achieve that specific purpose.

Cheaper Alternatives To Theragun G4 Pro In Australia

So, are all massage guns the same? They may have the same purpose, but these units have different designs, built and features. The thing is, you need a unit that fits your needs. Just because the device is expensive doesn’t mean it will eliminate all muscle pain problems that you have. Here are some worthwhile budget options available in Oz that are just as good as their more expensive counterparts.

1. Healsage Pro

The Healsage Pro has many excellent features that can help tackle muscle pain and soreness. It includes 6 removable head attachments with varying release types for targeting various muscle groups.

It delivers a stroke length of 12 mm for steady percussive action and decent power output plus 4 adjustable speed levels. Excellent built and relatively quiet at only 42 db. Do not overlook its longer battery life as well, at 6 hours on average.

2. Hydragun

The Hydragun is one of the quietest budget models out there with a rate that only clocks in at 32 dB. Thus, this is the unit to go to if you have roommates or family at home. It provides relief by using a variety of speeds from 1200-3200 rpm.

Another advantage of this model is its failsafe feature – the unit switches itself off automatically following 15 minutes of steady use. That way, your muscle pains won’t feel worse due to overuse. The battery lasts up to 6 hours on a full charge.

3. Revitalgun Elite Plus

This high-quality massager is convenient for travelling due to its lightweight, portable built. The device includes 5 massage heads for meeting different needs and offers 6-speed level adjustments – speeds range from 1000-3200 rpm.

This one is designed with Quiet Motor Technology with a noise that rates at only 35-55 dB. You can get 5 hours of use out of the device from a full charge. Very easy to handle since all functions of the unit can be operated on using a single button.

4. Renpho R4

How does a cheaper massage gun compare to a more expensive one? Look into this unit for reference. Many have turned to the Renpho R4 for its versatility – its functions can be used by anyone, not only athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The device offers 4-speed levels and 6 massage heads for easy massage therapy.

It is lightweight and includes a carrying case so you can travel with it. The ergonomic shape and 5-angle form also made using the device a hassle-free one.


Are cheaper massage guns any good? Yes, if you scour the market thoroughly, you will find that there are suitable, low-cost massage guns that can tackle muscle pain issues sufficiently. The right method here is to look for an affordable alternative that will hit all of your needs right.

1. Have you used any of these massage guns before (Theragun, Healsage Pro, Hydragun, Revitalgun, Renpho)?

Yes, I have tried all of them. Each unit has its capabilities but if you are looking for the best massage gun, I still think you need to get the one that answers your specific needs best.

2. What does stall force mean in a massage gun?

Stall force, also known as stall torque, measure the amount of pressure that can be applied before the motor starts stalling. For a more intense massage, a higher stall force is required to boost force and pressure.

3. What does amplitude mean in a massage gun?

A massage gun’s amplitude determines how deep and far the device pushes in the muscles. An intense massage requires a higher amplitude.

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