Working out can be a pain in the tush both literally and figuratively, however finding the right workout that suits your lifestyle can be quite enjoyable. But is the average Australian getting enough physical activity? Well, according to studies, Australians’ physical activity levels are below average.

The Figures

Let’s talk about statistics and you’d be surprised to know that almost a third of Australians are not getting enough exercise. More than half of Australian adults do not meet physical activity guidelines, now that’s a whopping 55%.

Not only that but also 44% of the working population spend most of their time sitting. Finally, 6% of the cancer burden in Australia is due to lack of physical activity and second only to tobacco smoking.

It is highly recommended that adults (18-64 years old) do moderate-intensity physical workouts for 150-300 minutes and muscle strengthening at least twice each week.

Multitasking with the Weighted Vest

So how can we find time to exercise while juggling work at the same time? The weighted vest might just be the answer to that!

1. Useful in Resistance Training

Weighted vests are usually used as part of resistance training. These are garments that have heavy materials incorporated in them.

The purpose of these vests is to add additional weight for walking, distance running, weight exercise, and agility or speed drills. Unlike held weights, these vests give users more mobility as the hands are free to move, therefore not constricting movements.

2. Increases Cardio Capacity, Muscular Endurance and Overall Strength

Still not convinced about using weighted vests? Weighted vests contain more weight and it helps with increasing cardio capacity, muscular endurance, and overall strength.

Simply wearing a vest while walking increases calorie burns without putting too much strain on the body. This helps burn more calories than working out without using weighted vests.

Wearing a weighted vest while doing cardio exercise is more challenging and at the same time improves cardiovascular endurance. Studies show that athletes who warmed up while wearing weighted vests showed substantial improvements in performance and speed.

3. Strengthens Your Core

You can also incorporate weighted vests in training. Yes, it is challenging, however, once you are used to the extra weight you learn how to increase momentum. Wearing a vest helps strengthen your core while running or walking.

Aside from doing bodyweight exercises with a weighted vest, you are able to perform walks and hikes while wearing one. Going on a hiking trail or walking around the neighborhood is always enjoyable. You can actually wear a weighted vest while doing these activities.

4. Enhances Daily Activities

You don’t limit yourself by just wearing it on a hike or a walk. You can also wear your vest while doing regular, everyday errands like grocery shopping, strolling at the local park, or while walking the dog. The good news with wearing the weight vest is that the sky’s the limit. You can wear these vests just about anywhere!

Finding the Right Weighted Vest

Putting on your weighted vest is as easy as looking for activities where you can use them. Of course, first, you have to get one. Luckily, these vests are becoming popular and are available at a local equipment store near you and you can also buy them online.

Next is choosing the right vest to suit your needs and lifestyle. Some brands offer unisex, one-size-fits-all vests, others come in different sizes or adjustable straps. These should fit snugly and not move around while doing physical activities.

Some vests allow you to insert or remove weights to suit your load. If you are new to wearing vests, fitness instructors suggest you start small and add weight as you progress. Wearing three to five percent of your weight and increasing it by two to five percent every few weeks is highly recommended by experts.

How to Wear a Weighted Vest Correctly

Now that you have chosen a weighted vest that suits your activities, next is how to put it on. First, it is highly recommended to wear it over a shirt. This prevents chafing and wearing one over a shirt is also very hygienic as sweat will not easily soak through the vest.

Make sure you put the vest snugly. Again, it should fit the body and not move around. Most vests would come with a Velcro strap. Criss-cross the band tightly in front, making sure that the vest does not move around much. And that’s it. You can now start exercising using your weighted vest.

Final Thoughts

Wearing weighted vests is gaining popularity not only with high-performance enduro activities but also with everyday leisure activities. It is also important to know its benefits in improving one’s posture, breathing, and endurance.

With most Australians not having enough physical activities is quite alarming, using a weighted vest and incorporating it in everyday activities would help get much of our needed exercise. So start strapping that weighted vest and get a move on towards your healthier self!